anyone use this chrony?

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    I bought the Beta Master nearly 10 years ago and has been a great unit for the money. I had to replace the difuser ( sky screens ) last year as are made from a hard plastic that is a bit hard to snap together and can crack if you get too forceful. Remedied this with a touch of silicone spray on the connecting points on the new ones as silicone wont soften plastic. Be sure to keep a fresh 9v battery on hand so if the readings start wierding out and the sky screens are on correctly and properly exsposed to uniform lighting, most likely the battery is weak. Is a nice compact unit that folds up and stores in a box about 4x5x10 and nestles nicely in the range box or bag. Screens were cheap to replace. Have used it for handgun, rifle, arrow and pellet rifle speeds and can buy several for the cost of a Pact or Oheyler should you send a round through it ( seen that done before ) . Make sure to set it up 10 feet from the muzzle to keep muzzle blast from interfering with the unit due to movement.

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