ar-15 uppers in different calibers?

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    I do not currently own an AR-type rifle. Don't know too much about them, but I see AR upper assemblies offered in different calibers, usually 7.62x39, sometimes .45acp. Is it a simply a matter of swapping uppers, to get a system that can shoot different caliber rounds, or is there more to it? One auction ad says you can load 7.62 rounds into .223 magazines, just fewer rounds will fit. I'd imagine special mags or adapters are needed for different sized rounds?

    How about an AR type rifle that shoots .22lr or .22mag? Is there such a thing? Musings...

    Responses are welcome.

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    .22 LR
    and numorus others, depending on the maker.
    Pistol rounds require a magazine adapter and usally the kits come with one.....not always, though.

    Also in .50BMG single shot.
    all uppers simply pin in using standard lower in holes. LTS

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    Re: ar-15 uppers in different calibers?
    Don't forget Armalite with their .243 and .308
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    Or this VERY strange variant, .458??? -
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