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  1. I will be the first to say i don't know a lot about handgun ammo and rifle ammo, so here is my question.

    Can you take a 44 magnum handgun round and use that same round in a 44magnum rifle, or say a 357 handgun round and use it in a 357 rifle. I haven't tried any of this i am just asking.
  2. Short answer is yes. Others will soon be along to add all sorts of exceptions and caveats but yes anything you can load in your revolver will work in the carbine and rifles chambered for the same caliber.

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    I use the same ammo/reloads in my 9mm pistol and carbine. Those with a chronograph will be able to verify a highers FPS out of the longer barrels but other than that I've not found any negatives.

    I reload and 'could' try to custom tailor ammo for each, but it doesn't interest me. One less thing to have to special inventory - lol
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    i think this is pretty interesting...

    like someone said the short answer is yes, but from what i know you need a slower powder for the rifle, like H110, and a faster powder for the revolver, like Blue Dot... i have proven this with my .44 mag revolver, have yet to try it with a rifle... my dad has the rifle and someday i will test this out
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    The pistol ammo will work fine in the rifle. In the old west it was common to have a pistol and rifle of the same caliber so you only had to carry one ammo. Here is the only caveat I have is if you reload your own do not use max rifle loads in your pistol. Some of the older manuels actually stated "not for use in handguns other than Ruger"
  6. Thanks fellas
    The reason i asked is that Indiana now allows deer hunters to use certain rifles to hunt deer along with the shotgun, handgun and muzzle loader and the two i mentioned here are a couple actually it has been in effect since 07
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    Couple of things.

    One is different bullet shapes may not feed in YOUR rifle. Some guns do not like SWC bullets. Some only have problems with SWCs with extremely long noses. Your revolver does not care about the bullet shape.

    With tubular magazines, you should stay away from round-nosed bullets. It is a BAD idea. Sure, you'll have the folks saying "I've used RN bullets in my gun for years and ain't never had a problem". That's like the girl that says, "I ain't never used no birth control and I ain't pregnant". All that means is SHE ain't got caught. HIS gun hasn't blown up. Again, your revolver does not care if the bullet is round nosed.

    If your gun is an autoloader, you should stick to jacketed bullets. Stay away from cast. Bits of lead and bullet lube can jam your gun. Your revolver does not care whether you shoot cast or jacketed.

    So, yes, your 44 or 357 rifle can fire the same ammo as your 44 or 357 revolver, but feeding it through the magazine can be problematical.

    For lever guns, I try SWCs. If there is any type of hiccup, I switch to RNF. For my Ruger 44 carbine, I stay with JSP.
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    it wont make much difference
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