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    Good advice and experience there. Not sure about making alcohol for fuel as you need to distill it which takes fuel (wood). You can raise 50 lbs of potatoes in a 3 foot circle so perhaps getting the starch/sugar is feasible, but I'm not sure the overall effort will net you with much. Very few cars can run on alcohol anyway (or generators, etc).

    I lack a water well (there is an old old one on the property used before city water came through) but having been raised with a well I know what it would take to make it work again...better off to reroute downspouts to tanks of water - it doesn't take much rain collected on a roof to fill a 50 gallon barrel (or old water heater if you want to better 'hide' your water supply). Run a tap off the downspouts to your basement and you can hole up and have water - if you mount the water tanks high (but below the gutters) you'll have gravity fed running water. Add solar water heater system and you have hot and cold running water.
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    Jack, I really like that bit of latin you posted earlier. I like the full quote as well. I may add it to my signature line. Do you happen to know the origin of that quote? I think I saw a free mason referance to it before, but I'm not sure about that.
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    Time'el tell, but a short answer, Yes.
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    its from the Knights of St John thats its earliest reference anyone can find

    i had it as my sig a while back , so help yourself , its something i've tried to live by for a while

    the response if used as a challenge is ( challenge can also be a greeting )

    Habemus Gladii Duo!
    We have two swords!
    (See Luke22:35-38)
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    THere are quite a few 'experts' on thje economy and such that are predicting- not the end of the world, nothing that bad- but a really bad breakdown in our economy. And if/when that happens, the most immediate threat will be people who are NOT prepared, or people who take advantage by robbing people. they'll be looking for money, cars, and GUNS & AMMO! Then there are the roving gangs, walking thru neighborhoos, 4,5, 6 guys break off and invade a house that looks promising. That's my main area of prep rght now. Ammo, a little food etc. I'm not a nut, either lmao but maybe the nuts are the ones that take NO precautions. Those folks who want to ban guns come to mind.
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    Thats a very good question and even though I am no expert, I will take a crack at it.

    There are countless things that could cause a SHTF scenario. A virus that sweeps through the world and kills billions, a major meteor strike, nuclear holocaust, major volcano eruptions etc. etc. etc......

    If you survived, that means that possibly millions of others have also survived. Unless you are out in the middle of nowhere, it would be difficult to survive on your own. There will be people banding together all over the world to survive as groups. Being alone and by yourself would be difficult to defend yourself and yours against these other groups of people. I don't think you can assume, if you stay in your basement long enough, that everyone else will die or kill each other. People who are not survivalists (as being discussed here) will survive, even if it takes killing and taking from those who are weaker.
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    A bunker, or safe room, isn't a terrible idea - anymore than perhaps a gun safe is. Of course I took down the concrete block walls in my basement years ago to open it all up....(had a garage there, coal room, another room). Ahh, hindsight!

    There are house invasions all the time- well, not daily in every neighborhood but enough that it's a worthwhile thing to protect against. But how?

    From what I've seen on the news the targets are often elderly...I can't stop growing old.
    They often come to the front door and appear as utility/census/church folks while someone else goes in a back door. So keep your doors locked helps.

    You can open the door 3" and shove a barrel out to greet every knock...and if two well dressed young folks come to the door they're more likely mormons than gang bangers - but if they jump you you've got little chance to react and CCW won't do much good.
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    I sure hope so!
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    I'm gonna sit and wait for the gubment to save me :thud:.
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    No, but I am a bitter clinger.
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    This week, Holder testified about Fast and Furious, and while he was trying to change the subject (instead of answering question) he essentially said the administration wants to reinstate the assault-weapons ban. Knowing that crowd, bb-guns will be included in the definition.
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    The Road Warrior.
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    Violence was not posted in the news during the Katrina Catastrophe. Was everything on the up and up with people not attacking each other?
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    Perhaps we need to fear more from the law than the criminals..

    Or vigilante groups / hate groups

    To be a minority puts a target on your back - but then these vigilante groups will probably arise in most areas - a kind of "block watch" self-appointed police force that will shoot first and ask questions later, with no training, no accountability - and no restraints on what they may do. Armed bullies really.

    That would make moving to your safe house/farm, hunting, scavenging considerably more dangerous
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    Thank You Prof Fate for the news. While I new that something had to be going on. Any news of it was blacked out in Nevada at the time. Just goes to show that there is something very real about being a "Doomsday Prepper".

    This news article might be good for a individual Thread. Just might wake up some dumb liberal or someone that is on the fence.
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