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    Mar 23, 2009
    Hello to all. Today I received my first real Colt 1911 firearm. It is a commercial model made for the Argentina Navy in 1941. Serial #C1996xx. It is not import marked. On the left side of the slide is the usual pat. nos. and Hartford, Conn. On the right side it is stamped
    And then Colt Automatic Calibre .45 with the little pony. On the right front of the trigger guard is stamped the number 99. On the left it is stamped T with a little triangle with a VP inside. The barrel is stamped Colt auto .45 with no other stamps. It is Parkerised and about the first 1 1/2 ins. of the slide is darker than the rest.
    Does anyone know why the front of the slide is darker than the rest? I've seen others like this but don't know the reason. Any comments on the other marks? It appears to have been fired very little if at all and the Park shows very light holster wear, or just rub marks.
    Thanks for any replies or comments,
    Sorry but I don't have a camera.
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    Dec 6, 2009
    The dark part is due to front of the slide having been heat treated to harden it. Through WWII, Colt slides were not hardened except in specific areas (the front, and around the slide stop cutout). Those guns were commercial models and had the standard commercial blue finish of the time; yours was Parkerized by the importer. For some reason I don't know, not being a metallurgist, that heat treatment shows through Parkerizing even though it did not show through the original bluing.

    That gun should have the Swartz safety, a firing pin block released by the grip safety, like that used on some M1911A1 clones today (but not by Colt, whose Series 80 firing pin block works differently).

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