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    My son couldn't follow simple rules.

    1. No xbox in the morning.
    2. No violent games.
    3. You ask before you play and you need to have all chores and homework done and right before you can play it.

    He broke the rules while it was in the family room. So I moved it to my bedroom. He took and went in my room and played it more than once even after an ares whoppin. Then I locked the controllers up in my gun safe (Ammo only in that one) and he took my keys and got into it. So I whopped his ares again and took him and the xbox to gamestop and sold it. I got $240 for it total with the games and controllers. So tomorrow I am ordering me a new toy from gamestop a google nexus 7 (7" tablet) I can down load plenty of games on my 10.1" Asus Transformer tablet or my new Asus google Nexus tablet.

    I do miss the xbox though. Oh well. when the 720 comes out I will get me one of them. Then put the controllers in a lock box in the real gun safe the one ONLY I know the combo to....
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    if you got a computer instead of an xbox you can set a password so he can't even get onto the computer to check email without you entering the password. computers are cheaper in the long run anyway, as you can do more stuff with them than with anything else.
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