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  1. I can say I did pass it on to my kids and yes they had imaginations. They did not spend all their time in front of the tube or computers. Now mind you they did learn computers in school and one of my kids did so well he is in the military in Intel doing computer intel as his duty but also is in lline for a posting with a "green door" clearence which means he will be in R&D at a USAF Research base. BUT on the othr side of the spectrum is my grand daughters step father. Almost 30 years old, sits in front of a computer playing games ALL day and ALL night, never works, weighs 400+ pounds, and is as useless as a sack of butt holes. So where is his imagination? In a computer game? My grand daughter HAS to use her imagination thankfully since her step father has the computer tied up 24/7/365!
    So while it is easy to say stating "kids today have no imagination" is a broad stroke it is a correct statement! You never heard of kids as young as 10 or 12 when we were growing up getting into the major trouble they do now. We never had parents who sat us in front of a damn box o baby sit us and most of us did not do it with our kids. My kids do not placate their kids (my grand kids) by sitting them in front of a computer of TV as a "baby sitter" YEToh so many do these days. Most that do were them selves done teh same way growing up.
    Maybe I am an exception as are my kids and my grand kids. We ALL would rather be in the woods or on a bank fishoing than to be in front of a computer playing a make believe game. So many who play those games do so because they have no clue how to imagine a world not in a electronic BOX. I often wonder that if the lights were to go out if it really would be a step backwards or actually in the long run a step forward for our future generations.
    So as to broad remarks, here is one, IF you have tme to play a computer game then you have time to take a kid fishing, hunting, or play ball with that kid. Just asking which comes first, the computer or the kids?
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    May 20, 2012
    mountains of wv.


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    As the Chief commented in an e-mail a couple of days ago ;

    Albert Einstein said:
    "I fear the day when the technology overlaps with our humanity. The world will only have a generation of idiots.
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    I personally like simulators, flight simulator, race car simulators are my piece of cake and I'm not shy saying that I can place way up in the top 1% depending on car and track.

    The thing that I really like about race simulators is that I have only myself and the last track record to beat.

    Forza Horizon $85.00
    Season Pass for six months $50.00 (new downloadable cars, new races...)

    This my gallery for both Forza Horizons and Forza 4 of Troy&fwlhd=1
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    i play red alert and comand and conquer with a nephew online

    his folks work late a couple days a week so he's home alone

    so we get the web cam up play red alert or C&C for a couple hours till his folks get home

    its ok
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    My son couldn't follow simple rules.

    1. No xbox in the morning.
    2. No violent games.
    3. You ask before you play and you need to have all chores and homework done and right before you can play it.

    He broke the rules while it was in the family room. So I moved it to my bedroom. He took and went in my room and played it more than once even after an ares whoppin. Then I locked the controllers up in my gun safe (Ammo only in that one) and he took my keys and got into it. So I whopped his ares again and took him and the xbox to gamestop and sold it. I got $240 for it total with the games and controllers. So tomorrow I am ordering me a new toy from gamestop a google nexus 7 (7" tablet) I can down load plenty of games on my 10.1" Asus Transformer tablet or my new Asus google Nexus tablet.

    I do miss the xbox though. Oh well. when the 720 comes out I will get me one of them. Then put the controllers in a lock box in the real gun safe the one ONLY I know the combo to....
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    New Mexico


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    if you got a computer instead of an xbox you can set a password so he can't even get onto the computer to check email without you entering the password. computers are cheaper in the long run anyway, as you can do more stuff with them than with anything else.
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