ATVs for hunting.

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by bunnyhunter12, Jun 14, 2007.

What do you look for in an ATV.

  1. Big engine, Automatic transmission, 4x4.

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  2. Big engine, Manual transmission, 4x4.

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  3. Lightweight, 2x4 or 4x4.

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  4. Old fashioned three-wheeler (I still love 'em).

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  1. bunnyhunter12

    bunnyhunter12 New Member

    I know, it's a firearms forum :rolleyes: but for those of you who use ATVs while hunting, what type do you use? Are you brand loyal? Throw in a little info on the conditions/terrain you're working with, tire preferrance, anything you consider linked to the topic..................

    I use a 2002 Arctic Cat 500i with manual shift and ITP Mud Lite tires.
  2. Have not hunted for game for over 50 years, but what you propose is disgusting. Get off your ass and hunt game; don't blow weeds with gas powered monstrosities, and don't get me started, please. Thank you.

    Just one old fart's opinion - if want to hunt animals, do it on their terms. Could you drop from a tree with a knive ready to kill a deer? Knowing that that animal might just kill you?

    But I can't criticize a clean kill from an appropriate weapon. I just can't stand fools in the woods, having been shot at by a few.

    Let's be sure what you are shooting at this fall.
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  3. bunnyhunter12

    bunnyhunter12 New Member

    Just to clarify, Lobber, what I'm talking about is using an ATV to get to my hunting grounds. Where I prefer to hunt is eleven miles from the nearest thing that could be called a road and it takes seven hours over rough terrain on an ATV to get there. Once there, the hunting is on foot.
  4. Good that you clarified that; I will speak my mind. Happy hunting! :D

  5. Marlin

    Marlin *TFF Admin Staff Chief Counselor*

    One of the reasons I have been able to hunt the past twenty years is my son-in-law's ATV.

    He takes me to meet the animals in an appropriate spot and leaves me with a radio to call when needed. That way the fact that I use an electric wheelchair and require oxygen [since 1985] is of no consequence.
  6. patrol

    patrol Member

    May 19, 2007
    I use my ATV at the hunt club for the same reasons, the roads are impassable and always very muddy and even the baddest of fourwheel drive pickups get stuck too often. A 4wheel drive ATV is an awesome tool to get to your stand and to put your shot deer on for transport. I have a Polaris 450 that has allwheel drive at the push of a button though i rarely have to use it even when im in water at tank level. I think Polaris makes the best ATV's. I reccomend you get one that has the assist rope pull start also incase your battery dies just as an option. That limits your power to 500cc or below but trust me my 450 pulls me around like a kid and Im over 280lbs. I reccomend you get a Polaris 500 HO and pay the extra and get the warn wench that usually comes with it so if you do get stuck you can pull you or your buddy out. Ive spent time pulling out my buddies atv with my wench because he has a cheapo 2wheel drive.
  7. Pat Hurley

    Pat Hurley Former Guest

    Sep 30, 2006
    Naples, Florida
    We've got an Artic Cat 500 TRV. It's a two person 4x4 that can hold two gun scabbards.

    We really enjoy it.
  8. Gabob

    Gabob Well-Known Member

    Dec 5, 2005
    I have a Suzuki King Quad 4x4 300 cc. Don't have a winch but have an old mortar round ammo box with lots of tools and a come-a-long(which I have had to use twice). I made a pivoting loader with a hand cranked winch to load deer. It swings out to the side then swings over rear of ATV to deposit deer on rear rack. It is hard for a 70 year old to load a deer alone.
  9. catfish83861

    catfish83861 Active Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    North Idaho
    I believe that like scopes, when you ask about which are the best ones here come a dozen different answers. Mine is a Honda Forman 450 ES. It is an Electric shift but has the extra manual shift lever if required. I like every aspect about it except the fact it will not start while in gear. 1500 pound winch which is also used for raising the snow plow when it is installed. I hunt off mine almost every time I go out. The gates are locked and the timber companies have placed a small area that a four wheeler with less than 48" wheel base can pull around the gates. This allows us to hunt where other wise it would be a several mile hike, in and out. Some of them would be over 20 miles one way. I do not use it when I am actually hunting,for those of you that watch the pictures I post of animals that I have harvested you can tell these animals have been around long enough that you normally don't just drive up and shoot one of them. Yes I do Love to hunt and I do pass on several bucks each year waiting for the right one,so I guess that makes me a "Horn Hunter" and I offer no apologizes. Should I shoot the first deer I saw opening morning my season would last less than 30 minutes in most cases less than 10 minutes. Now of course for those that absolutely say get off your butt and walk, I don't believe they walk from their house to their hunting area, although I could if I hunted here on my own property. I stayed away from the Polaris because of the one that I looked at has a radiator low in the front and I was concerned bout running a stick through it while on the logging roads. I do use it when I have a Deer or Elk down to get the animal out,now that often requires that I am going down off the main road onto an old skid which is kind of rough. "Kind of" is a relative term, like Hot is to food. Crp makes some jerky that is excellent but my wife says it is to hot. I am chewing on some of it right now, Only problem I see with it is that I haven't sent him any yet,which will get remedied shortly. Well none that the post office didn't screw up. :mad: My "roads" sometimes leave something to be desired ;). Four wheelers,the only way to HUNT. Oh yea one other point, living here where I do I have used my Honda to help drag out animals up to and including Moose to an area that we could field dress them,my Honda works great. Steve, a hunting buddy of mine has a Yamaha that has an extra low gear that works extremely well also. Just my opinion folks. catfish
  10. williamd

    williamd New Member

    Mar 21, 2007
    My boots have served me well from TX and CA to BC and the Yukon for over 50 years of hunting and still do, though they are slower than they used to be! :) Walk! One thing I do not argue with much is the restriction on vehicles in many areas. Too much irresponsible use. Gets areas closed for all of us!!

    ATV for truly handicapped is one thing but for folks like my fat-assed, lazy neighbor - NO!
  11. Bindernut

    Bindernut Well-Known Member

    Oct 24, 2007
    ND, USA
    For starters...I gotta say that when I was growing up my ATV looked a lot like the one in PS's post except black and slightly sway-backed. My gelding was bomb-proof...I could shoot, rope, drag, pretty much anything I wanted to with him. Like a good dog, not all things last forever. 23 years together was a good run!

    Back to motorized off-road transpo...
    Dad has arthritis and I'm not at home everyday anymore so none of use have the time for serious hay-burner work these days.
    The folks have had several 500 Cats for all-around use.
    All of them have been very solid machines except for the last two automatics have both had tranny problems. Granted they're used a lot (2500-4000) miles per year, but we never had any problems with the manual-shift ones. A winch is a definite must-have if you're out in the sticks. So is a good rack system (both front and back). Tires...match them to what terrain you run. Big mudders are useless in the rocks and vice-versa. As far as modding them with carb kits, loudazz pipes, and the sort...Keep it stock and quiet for a hunting rig, it'll be more reliable and less obnoxious to people and game.
    My own ATV is still a rusty little Nissan HB with a mild off-road package (tires & lift)...gets me everywhere I need to go and can still pull the boat to the lake or the sleds wherever.
    My ideal ATV would be an older Cat 4wd with manual-shift and the old solid rear axle (no independant rear for me please...they can get squirrelly when pulling a heavy trailer)

    As for whether or not to use em for hunting...
    Used responsibly, I don't see a problem with it at all. That R word is the biggie! A few a******s always ruin it for the rest. I'm more of a sledhead than into ATVs and I use my sleds for winter varmint hunting a lot. Same thing applies to ATVs though. Great way to pack your gear around.
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  12. catfish83861

    catfish83861 Active Member

    Nov 15, 2006
    North Idaho
    I have noticed that even here in North Idaho some individuals want to use their ATV for something like a dirt bike. Thus tearing stuff up and being a general pain in the butt for everyone. Now of course I have also observed where those that used the "best ATV" like pistol has pictured tied their animal to a tree where as the horse promptly killed the tree either by rubbing or just plain pulling it out of the ground. Responsibility is the key word and sorry to say it appears to be getting less and less. I have an acquaintance in Montana that has a large piece of ground (6000 or so acres) some he leases some he owns. When he allowed hunting the individuals constantly left gates down or drove across fresh tilled/planted crop lands. Now all the gates are padlocked and No Trespassing signs posted. I don't blame him, its just irritating that so few can screw it up for the rest of the honest people. Yes my property is also posted for very much the same reasons. I don't like it but like I said so few can really screw things up.:mad: catfish
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