Australian Terror accused got $10m of legal aid

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    Jan 11, 2010
    AUSTRALIAN TAXPAYERS spent more than $10 million on legal aid for nine accused terrorists, a Senate inquiry has heard.

    Five of the nine were convicted in a Sydney trial.

    Up until September 2009, the total cost of the defence was $10.117 million.

    In comparison, Tasmania's entire legal aid budget, not including spending on community legal centres, was $11.4 million during the 2008/09 financial year.

    The total federal legal aid budget last financial year sat at $527 million.

    Tasmanian Liberal senator Guy Barnett revealed the information when questioning officials from the Human Rights Commission during an estimates hearing of the Senate's legal and constitutional affairs committee on Monday.

    "Legal Aid New South Wales has advised the department that as at 30 September 2009 it has incurred costs of $10.117 million in the provision of legal assistance to the co-accused in this matter,'' the answer said.

    Later, Senator Barnett voiced concerns about "the thousands'' of Australians not able to access legal aid.

    "I think most Australians would be shocked to realise that over $10 million in taxpayers' funds has been spent defending the rights of nine terrorists,'' Senator Barnett said.

    The men were arrested at the height of tensions over warnings of a domestic terrorist attack, which had provoked emergency sittings of the parliament to pass tougher counter-terrorism laws.

    At the time, then prime minister John Howard had warned of an imminent attack with fears centred on Melbourne.

    Police initially arrested 15 people across Melbourne and six in Sydney in a series of early morning raids in early November 2005.

    The money for the legal defence came from a budget section inside the Attorney-General's Department known as the Expensive Commonwealth Criminal Cases Fund.

    The dedicated fund was established for Commonwealth criminal law cases to ensure that the cost of the trials did not impact on the level of funding available for other matters including family law.


    even though these mutts have houses and huge cash in the bank none had jobs so qualified as poor, while farmers fighting legakl action against Monsanto accused of stealing IP that has not yet been released got zero assistance

    This is what the world is coming too

    a terrorist has more rights than anyone

    big companies by legal action force people to use thier products but dont have to provide proof, they just send you broke in court appearance costs

    if you upset a gay person you pay in the millions
    and all for asking whats up your ar**, a common aussie term if someone is upset,

    and if your church patronage sings too loud the local drunks can sue and get compensated for being woken on a Sunday morning from thier hangovers before 10 am

    any wonder i'm becoming a cranky old fart ??
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    Jan 28, 2010
    Hutchinson, KS
    I'm sorry my friend, Socialism is spreading rampant through the ranks of the Liberals worldwide, via big business Totalitarianism, and we the people of the not as free as yesterday world get to foot the bill. Anyone else wish for a time machine?:(

  3. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    i wish i could find a earlier article about the stoush ( fight) between law firms to represent these mutts, but its been pulled or i cant find it.

    from memory 18 of the largest firms vied for the top spots to represent these animals

    oh i wish for the days when a man charged with murding a child could not find a lawyer to represent him , as they all did not wish to tarnish there reputation with such lowlives i think the newspaper said and that was only in the 70's

    what happened??

    now these animals are the premium clients!!

    the tax payers pay through the nose and these guys cost $200,000 a year each to lock up as they must have special cells and thier own prayer rooms and special meals and special satillite TV programs that i cant afford

    i get the free to air digital as thats all i can afford ( well i could afford cable but i have other things to do with my money like create a busines)

    and to make things worse these animals got less time ( sentances) than a bloke who fell asleep at the wheel of his truck and damaged a office building

    i suppose it was a bank , but no-one was hurt , so a bank being damaged is more serious than a failed terrorist attack against our main military base

    texaspatriot2001's post here

    seems to sum it up

    our representatives dont represent us , only the values of those who they take bribes from

    we are so screwed

    in my own case where i have been fighting jihadi immigrants who are taking over the suburb where i live , the cops asked me where my guns where but could not search the jihadi's for the weapon used to threaten a little old lady who i ended up defending against of a dozen of these mutts , they wanted her flat to deal drugs from

    a government flat supplyed at cheap rent to war widows and ex service men who are disabled

    i have one as i was moved from my home in Adelaide South Australia to New South Wales for med treatment i cannot get back home

    but we are the last two exservice or war widows in that block all else are immigrants who hate us , who fly flags of Hezbollah and posters of Bin Laden and say they have a right to do so, but i cry for freedom of speach to speak out against tyrannical laws get warned it is sedition. And we get no help so i get asked to resolve the situation to go stay with friends for a while by the police and government. to pacify these animals.

    instead of protecting them we should be lining them up against a wall and issuing the rule of Breaker Morant. RULE .303

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    Jan 28, 2010
    Hutchinson, KS

    At the very least you know your enemy. It is imperative that people like me and you stick together on this topic, among others, but we the citizens of the freer world all seem to get to deal with the same politics, and it seems that we all get to pay for the consequences of these steam piles actions. They protect those that would do us harm and lock up those who would do something about it. They harass you for saving that woman, ask you where your guns are, and expect you to leave your home instead of defending yourself. I love where I live for the little victories that we seem to be winning in this midwest safe-haven. Here in Kansas the law reads that to which 'Deadly force is legal and necessary when a reasonable person would fear for their life or the life of another". Seems to me that living in a big city isn't so healthy for one's rights. The town I live in has exellent gun laws, the State's, while the nearby big city Wichita, has a standing NO carry law. And gangs, drugs, and violence run rampant there. It is time that the States here are given back the power to which made the USA such a strong country to begin with, as it is time that Australia, and the UK follow suite. Give the power back to the people that the citizens actually get to see, know, and elect, not to the ones that lie to get into office and are payed for by big business,that keep stripping our rights. One thing that was said about the second amendment here in the States is that 'The beauty of the second amendment is that it will not be needed until it is taken away'. Good luck my friend. And remain vigilant, these terrorist bastards whether in office or on the street will have to be dealt with soon. Hang in there, buddie.
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