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    Jan 11, 2010
    Sydney sheikh killed in Syria

    A popular Sydney sheikh and teacher has been killed in Syria, Australian Islamic community figures report.
    Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub was said to have been buried in Syria yesterday at a service attended by his brother Sheikh Fedaa Majzoub, the only Australian member of the opposition Syrian National Council.
    The Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade is yet to confirm Sheikh Al Majzoub's death, or whether he is the first Australian to die in the Syrian conflict.
    Tributes for the well-known cleric have flooded social media sites, ahead of a condolence meeting to be attended by his family in Lakemba tonight.

    Of Syrian heritage, the former teacher at the Unity Grammar School in western Sydney travelled to the country on humanitarian grounds in June, but the circumstances of his death this week remain unclear.
    Muslim Village website reports that some accounts have stated that he died in a rocket attack while leading a rebel platoon in the Syrian town of Salma.
    But Lebanese Muslim Association president, Samier Dandan, said he believed the cleric and his brother were facilitating talks between the leaders of different rebel groups, rather than being directly involved in any fighting.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/sydney-sheikh-killed-in-syria-reports-20120821-24k0r.html#ixzz24APJMJPq

    from Muslim Village

    In January this year Sheikh Mustapha gave a speech at a protest rally in Sydney against the regime of Bashar Al Assad in which he spoke about the need to support those being oppressed anywhere in the world, in particular Syria. He described how the Muslim Ummah’s fuel is the blood of its martyrs.

    There has been an outpouring of sorrow and pride on Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub’s Facebook page. The overwhelming response being one of pride that the Sheikh died as a martyr.

    Sheikh Mustapha’s last post on his Facebook page was on Aug 3 2012 in which he wrote:

    One important lesson I learnt where I am is:
    never judge a person by the greatness of his biceps or the width of his shoulders or the loudness of his voice or his aggressiveness in front of other Muslims or by the hype talk he repeats, rather judge him by his steadfastness at calamities and on the battlefields. subhanallah I met brothers here who from the first instance you might think they are too merciful or weak (due to the way they treat other Muslims), however on the battlefields they are lions that roar. They are stern and firm, they scare their enemies more than 100 men with big muscles. like the way the companions where described in the Quran. (they are merciful towards one another and stern against their enemies).
    On June 5 before departing for Syria after a short visit to Sydney, he posted:

    As I embark on my journey I sincerely ask Allah to give victory to our brothers and sisters everywhere I ask Allah to relief the distressed and aid the weak.
    It was a pleasure seeing many of my brothers and sisters during my stay in Sydney.
    I ask Allah to unite us again at times better than these times. And to gather us under his shade on the day when there is no shade but his shade.
    May Allah bless you all and use you as servants for this deen.. May Allah make you of those whom he is pleased with.
    Plz pardon and forgive me if I have wronged you in anyway.
    Assalam alaykum aw rahmatullahi wa barakatuh.
    A post written by Sheikh Mustapha Al Majzoub on the 14th of April, 2012:

    Probably many are wondering what happened to me & why have I suddenly disappeared.. Well the news is that I have decided to move to Turkey (Antakya) to be as close as I can be to the front lines to serve my brothers & sisters inside & outside Syria.
    This decision was sudden & much needed.
    My dear ones despite the fact I was busy prior to traveling conveying the reality that the Syrian people are living, Wallahi what I saw & heard so far shocked me.
    I visited so far two Home hospitals & I saw live that which I heard or saw on TV, I saw a man with a lost hand & a man with a lost leg & another paralyzed & another with a hole in his foot etc..
    I visited one of the refugee camps & saw how our Muslim brothers & sisters are living, wallahi it’s devastating, take for example an entire family lives in a plastic tent & hundreds have to share the toilets & laundries.
    Wallahi my dear brothers & sisters it’s a devastating state what I saw & what I heard direct from Syrians about people in Syria.
    I have decided to spend as much time here in Turkey to help, I have great hope in Allah that my brothers & sisters in Australia will help me help them, I have direct access to everything here & I can overlook where all donations go.
    I swear by Allah I will direct every dollar you send to the ones who need it most inside Syria or in Turkey. Not a dollar will go on anything else, I am covering my own expenses from my own savings.
    If you wish to help plz contact my brother Ibrahim & he’ll come to you wherever you are in Sydney to collect the money, his number is (witheld) or you may msg me on Facebook or contact me on skype (Mustapha Al Majzoub).
    May Allah purify our intentions & deeds.
    I love you for the sake of Allah & hope you remember me & your brothers in your Duaa
    Wassalam alaykum.
    The Sheikh is survived by his wife and young family. His death will have a profound effect on Sydney’s Muslim community, especially the youth. May Allah have mercy on his soul.

    Community condelences ( Aza) will be held on Tuesday Aug 21st at 5:30pm at Lakemba Mosque, Wangee Rd Lakemba (this event was previously going to be held at the Al-Risalla book store in Bankstown).


    his facebook page which has been cleaned up talked of cleansing those who support the regiem of KUFFAR and then having the arab world cleanse the rest of the planet

    too bad so sad he hated us

    i'll toast his roast

    hmm fresh fried islamist
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    Probably died when his bomb went off!

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    So does he get the 72 ugly virgins?
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    Not another martyr.
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    Nope! The only thing he will get is his appearance before God on judgement day!
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    I offer my condolences. No, really I do. I still believe in chivalry.
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    I would be willing to donate a Ham :eek:for dinner at his burial sevices:dancingdots:
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    FEMA Region V
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    1 down and a gazillion left to go
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    Jan 11, 2010
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    Jan 11, 2010
    Friend just reminded me of the hard core jihadi's that attended the debate back when


    from these pic's

    5 are jailed ibby himself is locked down ( home arrest type deal) and 8 dead 6 in the ghan ( good one folks ) and another two in the arab spring

    and one more run away and hiding from islam ..

    that day was bad luck for a lot of what is islam ..

    no wonder they wont do it again ..
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    Well see here you better talk to these jihadi's now because they will not be here later....

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    musta been evil jinns about eh ;)
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    4 in this pic KIA