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    Mar 25, 2001
    Took the two project 44s, along with my 1943 Izzy 91/30 to the range today.

    150 or so surplus rounds later I'm back, sore shoulder and all! :D (Actually, the shoulder feels pretty good after all...that rubber pad on the ATI stocks work well.)

    Well, I'm going to claim the Pole as a 2" rifle with the Polish Surplus. Actually, I only had about two groups all day with all 5 inside 2, but I really think it's me, and not the rifle. Part of the problem I think is I need new is hard to get a good sight picture when the target is constantly switching from clear to blurry with just a slight movement of your head on the stock... :mad: Plus, I still find myself picking the rifle up to work the action even with the bent bolt, so each shot means a reposition of the stock, cheek weld, eyes, etc.

    My only complaint is the fact it is so hard to adjust, if I move the crosshairs left the group also moves UP, and vice versa...I must have the scope or mount a little canted, it's aggravating... :mad:

    So I'm happy with it, and will next try handloads for it. And that now makes about 400 rounds through it, and the scope mount is STILL tight as a drum. I HIGHLY recommend the ATI cantilever scope mount! Just get it mounted squarely! ;) (I also burned the CRAP out of my hand again reattaching the sling to it when I was done shooting... :p ...but it's a GOOD pain... :D )

    I only put about 20 rounds through the Scout, and I REALLY love that rifle, if only I could get less than 5 inch groups out of it! It has a really SWEET and smooth trigger, much better than the Pole's, which isn't BAD...and now takes a stripper clip really well. Plus the LER scope seems to stay in focus better with my bifocals. I may just try to free float it's barrel too to see if it works better like it helped the Pole.

    The 91/30 was just neat to shoot...I only put 5 rounds through it, from a rest, and at FIRST I thought I was seeing things, the group looked through the spotting scope like it was BETTER than any of the ones from the SCOPED carbines! But I went down, and only three were within 4", but PERFECTLY centered on the center of the 6" bull of the "Visi-target", the fourth was about two inches from them, and the fifth was off the the total group was actually about 6 or 7 inches. But actually NOT BAD for the FIRST 5 rounds through a stock 63 year old rifle I've never shot at 100!

    Well, time to go fishing again, I'll be back on sometime after dark (hopefully after I get done filleting some more cats too!) :D

    You know, the smell of burnt powder, a sore shoulder, WWII bore cleaner smell mingling with the smell of ripe, stinky chicky livers and bug spray, and a couple of Shimano rods and reels in a couple of rod holders stuck in the bank next to a river...all in the same day...CAN life get any better????? :p :D :D :D ;)
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  2. NO it can't

  3. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Well, I didn't get to fillet anything tonight...caught only one, about 10". it would have been barely legal, but I threw it back, I'll wait on it til it puts on some meat next year.

    Had a nicer one right to the bank and then the darn hook untied! :mad: I had just tied it on after a snag, so I musta missed a loop on the "fishermans knot" or something. You know, it's harder and harder to tie them darn hooks on any more, especially with bifocals! (I MUST be getting old, the "bifocal" excuse TWICE in ONE DAY! :D )

    Had a couple of hard hit-run-snags that I didn't get turned in time, plus a couple of decent hits I couldn't set the hook on, so I at least had some action.

    The river was running just a little too high and fast and muddy, we got a lot of rain over the past few days, but when it's Green-Muddy, I've had luck on cats with livers, but today was more "Mostly Muddy with a little green"...

    Oh well, at least my wife fried the cat fillets I caught last week for dinner tonight before she went to work. :D :D :D
  4. It's hell getting old, Polish. :rolleyes: I have the same problem with the bifocals that you do, and indeed I'm supposed to see the opthamologist next month to get them changed (again!). :cool: When I was 21 I could hit virtually anything I could see with an open sight if it was within range of the rifle, but nowadays an MOA group once in a while is cause to break out the 18-year-old-scotch. :eek:

    I never count the flyers when I shoot, Polish; it's so damn depressing and tends to ruin my scores for some reason! ;) :p Actually, that's not bad shooting for the first time out, with open sights, and with an unfamiliar rifle. Those 91/30s really are nice rifles. I'd have to say I like mine better than the 38 and the 44, at least so far. That long sighting radius makes them ideal for iron sights, I think. I suspect also that the Russians (wisely) put their major effort into cutting the barrels instead of making the rifles look smooth and finished.

    I once lost a beautiful 20 lb. striper I caught trolling with a rebel lure that way. I got in too much of a hurry with the knot I guess and it slipped untied just as I was about to net that sucker. I must have cussed for 30 minutes. To add insult to injury, the !@#$ fish got away with my brand new lure too! :eek: :eek:
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