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    The Georgetown Hot Rod Hill Climb – A Fun Look At A Cool Event

    About 60 years ago in the hamlet of Georgetown, Colorado local hot rod clubs gathered together and raced (in time trial fashion) up the twistiest, steepest road in town. Their impetus for this kind of fun was an effort to show up some of the local sporty crowd set who had participated in an identical event earlier that year. The original Georgetown hill climb took place for two years and was virtually lost to history, but the light continued to flicker and Mike Nickolas tended those embers into a flame and the event was revived for this year. Nickolas invited 50 period correct hot rods to show up and get after it on the hill.

    These are not race cars with roll bars and all the stuff. This was an event intended to be a fun way to gather the hot rodding crowd together, show off some really special cars in a “racing” environment, and enjoy the beauty of Colorado. Oh, they were also looking to capture the essence of the era that the first event happened in. We think that they largely succeeded in all respects. We have heard nothing but great things from a couple guys we knew who were there and you should be putting this one on your 2014 events “to do” list.

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