BAD COP...........No doughnut!

Discussion in 'Feedback Forum' started by warpig, Mar 7, 2003.

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    Boy am I ever glad to see this feedback forum! I thought I'd never be able to get the word out on this guy. For what it's worth, here's my story: I have made more side deals on the internet than actual auctions won, and alot of gun purchases on non-auction sites where there is no way to leave feedback. Fortunately, I have always had good success. Matter of fact, I've never had to leave negative feedback on anyone and also, not to pull my own chain, but nobody has ever had to leave negative feedback on me. No problems at all, 'til I had the misfortune to run across this guy.........He lists alot of guns over on GA classifieds. He goes by Specialist Hawg, and his business name is "Specialist Hawg Gun Shop", 202 Long Pond Run Road, Northwood, NH 03261. His name is Mike. I don't know if he is on any of the auction sites, I just know him(regrettably) from GA. Anyway, here's the rest of the story:
    He advertised a Ruger MKII Varmint/Target rifle in .22PPC "absolutely unhandled and NIB". Even said it had never before been touched by human hands.(?) He stated that he only had two, and then, before we had a chance to iron out the details, he told me in the next email that he only had the one left and that I better hurry. Also, I shoulda known this guy was a little flaky because he was really nice in the first email, then a couple days later, he got downright caustic when he didn't hear from me the very next day, after I had told him that it would be a couple of days before he would hear from me due to the nature of my occupation. Well, I was willing to overlook this because I wanted the rifle so bad. I had been looking for this particular rifle for a long time with no success. So he gets nice again, and apologizes for being impatient and rude, so I'm willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt. Then he tells me "what I need from you, before I can say you own it, is at least a tracking # from an overnight letter as proof of certified funds being on their way to me." So, ok. Seems a little eccentric to me, but like I said before, I really want this rifle. (I had also referred him to to look at my positive feedback) So I send him the payment. The rifle finally arrives. When I take it out of the box at the gunshop, I discover that the stock is split and see the telltale signs that the stock has been removed before: boogered screw heads. When I confront him about it, very politely I might add, he gets downright nasty and denies that it could have happened. I remain calm and keep my dignity, and politely request that either he send me a new stock and screws, or we do some sort of exchange.Then in the next email he is a complete *sshole, accusing me and my dealer of messing with the rifle and says some other choice crap about me that is definitely not warranted and not even germain to the situation, and so on. But, that's not all.................I'm on GA again awhile later and I see that he still has the rifle listed. I decide to confront him about it........he basically tells me that that's just the way he does business. Then he has the gumption(sp) to tell me that the wholesaler he deals with has a whole pallet of these in .22PPC. But of course, he has no intention of making good on the stock and won't even send me new screws. Much less an exchange. He tells me he never wants to do business with me again and never wants to hear from me again. So I get screwed by a guy with a few screws loose! To beat all, this guy is a police officer. Alot of his ads mention "unhandled". Be very wary of this. Watch out for this guy!!

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    This is the place to post your personal gripes and complaints about Buyers/Sellers alike.
    Thanks for the heads-up.

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    Added to my list, Thanks and sorry to hear that. LTS

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    Man! You had me scared with the NO donut thing, Geeeeeeeeesh! Just one of the good guys who loves his donuts ! Welcome to the board KY! Glad to see ya here.

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    Thanks, BlackGun.................................................
    I didn't mean to try to cast a bad light on the guys in blue. On the contrary, I'm behind them all the way. I just hate to see one go bad, so to speak. I just know how much policemen are put in the spotlight, and for one to act the way he did just hurts the image of all. You know, the one bad apple thing.............I am big enough not to let that influence me, but some folks out there are just looking for any excuse.............

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    Re: BAD doughnut!
    Dirty Badge!
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    AH! KY! I wasn't fretting the bad COP thing ! I see that all the time, I was worried about loosing the Donut privileges
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    Re: BAD doughnut!
    Thanks for the heads up and like LTS, he's been added to my list also.

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    You certaintly have nothing to be ashamed of .I'd say that you handled that in a professional manner. I think that its
    very unfortunate that you had to deal with an ass like that. Can you imagine if that was a traffic stop that took place. He should be sentenced to 12 months in "cuffs ,watchin' his fellow
    officers "ENJOY coffee and donuts" and all he can do is SNIFF!

    In reality though, people of his kind should be run off of the SELL-TRADE- and AUCTION SITES. IF those same sites
    don't monitor people like that,and maybe fine them or something,you will always have idiots and morons on the loose!
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    Should have sent him a gift wrapped box of dog s**t .

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    yo good 2C them good ol boyz posts, gone? not 4gotin.
    talk about the good ol daz they wer them:cool:
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    this guy is a real *sshole but what goes around comes around.

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    Hey guys, im a cop too!! Dont judge us because of one jerk and poor businessman. Im sorry you got ripped off by this guy. But as for the Donut comment, truth be known, we like hotdogs more than donuts!!
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    Mar 23, 2008
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    Apr 15, 2008
    Who is this guy Warpig?
    What does he do Critique every seller? He seems to have a beef with every second person he deals with....... The Bad Cop post is six + years old and he must have 50 more sellers that he complains about in this thread????:eek:
    Sounds like a Fruit Cake!
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    That's the key here Chief Thunder. It's six yrs old. The post was made by someone else TO warpig. Not by Warpig.