Bank encourages second amendment

Discussion in 'The Constitutional & RKBA Forum' started by graehaven, Oct 12, 2010.

  1. graehaven

    graehaven Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2007
    Rochester, NY
    Didn't know if you'd all seen this. Didn't see it posted on the forum anywhere (or that I could find). Very interesting read:

    By ARTHUR HAHN/Managing Editor
    Thursday, August 19, 2010 11:59 AM CDT
    CHAPPELL HILL — Any would-be robbers looking to walk into the bank here had best think twice.

    There’s a new sign in town.

    About a month ago, Chappell Hill Bank president Edward Smith looked at a sign on the front door prohibiting concealed weapons from his business and decided to make a policy change.

    Licensed to carry a handgun? Come on in, and bring your weapon.

    The sign, now prominently displayed on the bank’s front door, says, “Lawful concealed carry permitted on these premises. Management recognizes the Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution as an inalienable right of all citizens. We therefore support and encourage the carrying of licensed concealed weapons.”

    Smith said he made the policy change to send a warning to potential robbers, and also to express support to Americans’ right to bear arms...

    Rest here:
  2. USMCSpeedy

    USMCSpeedy Member

    Jan 22, 2009
    I think this is absolutely great. I hope more businesses decide to follow this example.

  3. graehaven

    graehaven Well-Known Member

    May 26, 2007
    Rochester, NY
    Yeah, any "gun free zone" just means it's a big TARGET. When will they wake up?
  4. carver

    carver Moderator Supporting Member

    Ya gotta love living in a great state like TX!
  5. PPK 32

    PPK 32 Active Member

    Apr 15, 2008
    Frickin, Illinois
    Everyone working here knows how I feel about guns, we don't have CCW in this state, but have had many "show and tell" displays in the bosses office. Our billing clerk almost had a grabber while I was checking out a .45 and my pressman was looking at my 686. Oh did I mention... I am the boss!:D
  6. hogger129

    hogger129 Well-Known Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    They are wise to do this. If someone comes in to rob the place, there will be fifty guns aimed at the robbers. Now if only more people could see it that way.
  7. johnlives4christ

    johnlives4christ Former Guest

    Apr 28, 2008
    i switched banks, partly because the back i was using sucked, but partly because they put a no firearms sign on the door. i talked to the bank president about the sign. informed him that i always carried concealed. he said it was the law. so i informed him that i could legally open carry or conceal in the bank, he didnt want to hear anything i had to say and just kinda changed the subject and walked off.
  8. dge479

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    Oct 6, 2004
    Haskell NJ
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