bargin scope?

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    The instruction on how to do this is explained in a fair amount of detail in the User manual for 4-16X scope.

    It is describing how to reset your knob to the zero mark, for your favorite shooting range. Re-read the manuals instructions again if you haven't already. If you don't understand, come back asking a specific question about what in the manual seems confusing to you and I'm sure someone will help.

    The zero locking is a method of preventing the scopes adjustments from accidentally being turned in the field. From picture in manual, the zero locking ring is the inner ring closest to main scope tube. Obviously you must loosen this zero lock to be able to make adjustments (so the adjustment w/e outer knobs turn), but according to instruction, it must be in lock position INITIALLY to reset the turrets to zero.

    So to reset knobs to zero mark, following the owner manuals instructions....
    1. Turn the inner locking ring clockwise until locked (warnings about not overtightening)
    2. Loosen hex screw in center of knob by rotation clockwise
    3. Now adjustment knobs can freely rotate, move knobs so your main mark is at zero.
    4. Unloosen the inner lock ring (turn counter clockwise), that we previously tightened in step (1)
    5. Now carefully tighten down hex nut making sure adjustment knob does not move.
    6. Done. You can relock inner locking ring if you wish.

    If people would pay attention to the manual and learn from it, they wouldn't break the scopes.

    Unfortunately, most morons will screw up and twist the knobs without unlocking them first, causing the internals to break. That's the source of 95% of problems with CP scopes. That's also why you never buy one from an opened package.

    The other part is the rings. Chuck 'em and get Weaver/Leupold/Good Quality Rings. High or See-thru sets like the Weaver 49515 work wonderfully :)

    My 4-16x40 has been performing perfectly on top of a Marlin 25MN (.22WMR) for over two years now.
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  2. ToolsForPros

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    Apr 6, 2009
    Seen this happen way too many times, even with expensive scopes. It's sad when people that have the money for a $2K scope, they dont have the competency to learn how to use it.

    The weakest link in a shooting system is the mount. The same people with the expensive scopes have $10 rings. :cool:
  3. Claude Clay

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    my Brno-2500, 452 has a Nikon omega 2x7x40.
    $165 from cabalas 2 years ago. it was a $229 list on special. size is smallish, glass is clear and color & contrast are about perfect.
    if you need more power than 9 at 100 yards, use a spotting scope.
  4. da357mag

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    Sep 26, 2009
    Im back, was out of town for awile, I finally got my rifle last sat and today I got into
    it and changed the sear, put in an automation unit and spring. I will tell you that was
    a new experence! I had a good ol'e time getting that little ball and spring to coperate!
    It took a while and alot of cussing but I got it in! Well it works great, I had about3/32
    of an inch creep before and it all adjusted out! The pull is still heavier than I like, I don't
    have a pull guage(yet) but im thinking it's about 4lbs. I would like to get it down to about
    1.5 or so. The sear was a bit pricy $66.00 at brownells but if you want to get all the creep out it's the way to go! tommarrow the scope, and yes I did get the centerpoint!
    LOL, after all I read here, it was more good than bad so ill give it a try. I've looked thru it
    at 16x and it is still nice and clear, so we'll see what tomarrow brings, thanks for all the
    imput, Ill let you know how and if it fits.
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