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  1. zkovach

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    Oct 7, 2009
    Looking for a new rifle build. Bolt action prefered. I just want to buy a barreled action by itself new and not pay for the stock that I'd just get rid of. I noticed u can buy a howa like that but that's it. Does any other manufactures just sell barreled actions.

    Thanks guys as always!
  2. twobit

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    Sep 15, 2010
    In the mid seventies my dad made me a deer rifle with a shilen barreled action and a blank stock.
    Shilen is still in business

  3. Helix_FR

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Imperial, MO
    Shilen, Savage, Anschultz, Bell & Carlson
  4. zkovach

    zkovach Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2009
    Kinda what I'm looking to do!! My son was born and want to build his first huntin rifle. Plus it's an excuse the wife will buy into
  5. jack404

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    Jan 11, 2010
    McGowen Precision Barrels, LLC
    4051 Hwy 93 South
    Kalispell, MT 59901
    Phone: 406-755-4907
    Fax: 406-755-2969


    McGowan i've dealt with before , great folks ..

    montana rifle i've a mate who swears by them and his rifles are very popular and well thought of ..
  6. Frankly, its not such a bad idea to start with the Howa. I have owned a few, as has my brother, and to a rifle, they were smooth, reliable, and very accurate. I havent looked into pricing in a long time, but at one time, Grice's Gun Shop in Clearfield, PA sold a "package" deal with a Howa barreled action and a B&C stock, that was EXTREMELY reasonable - basically a new complete rifle, just not "assembled" completely. Now, as with all things, I am sure that they have become much more expensive, but in comparison, I have a feeling that they are still very reasonable, compared to some of the other manufacturers, mentioned. Howa is actually NOT that well known for some of the very common rifles that they produce; many of the M1 Carbine copies out there are made by Howa, and also, it IS pretty well known that the Weatherby Vanguard series of rifles ARE Howa's. I am quite sure that you can get a barreled action from them in, say .243, for your son's first rifle, and being that stock blanks and synthetics of all sorts are available for the Weatherby Vanguard, you have a perfect platform for building. The old "Smith and Wesson 1500" bolt action is also a Howa, and is 100% interchaneable with the regular production Howa's and the Vanguard. I also believe that, at one time, Howa's of this same model were sold under the Mossberg moniker. (Then are NOT, however, the same rifle as the current Mossberg/Maverick rifles, which are a modified version of the Savage 110 style barreled action.)
  7. zkovach

    zkovach Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2009
    I already own a varmit 1500 thumbhole and it's quite The shooter. That's why I knew howa sold the barreled actions. I was just surprised that Remington and Winchester doesn't just sell the action itself. Any reason why?
  8. zkovach

    zkovach Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2009
    I'll check it out Jack thanks
  9. Helix_FR

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    Apr 14, 2009
    Imperial, MO
    Winchester does not really make guns anymore. Other companies are doing the work.
  10. JLA

    JLA Well-Known Member

    Feb 26, 2007
    Heart Of Texas
    Grab a used rem 700 or a savage 10/110 from the pawnshop.
    Call Jim Briggs with Northland Shooters Supply @ (763)682-4296.
    Order a NSS savage nut wrench, an action wrench for rem 700/savage actions, a NSS recoil lug and either a Shilen select match, CBI hand lapped match, or McGowen match barrel in the length and contour you want and twist rate you want. The barrels come fully chambered and crowned because either application will use the savage nut to set headspace.

    If you decide to go with a rem 700 action you will also need to order or make you some barrel vice blocks and order some powdered rosin and a savage nut threaded for a rem 700 barrel from Jim. You dont really need a barrel vice. i use a sturdy bench vice with the blocks sammaged in them. The rosin is what grips the barrel on a rem 700 so you can unscrew the action. Once thats done you will have to have the recoil lug key milled in the reciever face perfectly in line with the action screws. And make sure its relieved deep enough so the lug doesnt bottom out on the action before the barrel nut does. IF you take it to a smith for this go ahead and have him square the reciever face with the barrel threads.

    Then lap the lugs square to the threads as well. i use a brownells fixture that screws into the action and puts spring tension on the bolt for this purpose. Use 600 grit silicon carbide lapping compound.

    Then assemble the barreled action. Use a go guage to set the headspace by keeping hand pressure against it with the bolt locked in battery while you run the barrel nut against the reciever. maintain hand pressure until its time to torque the nut. torquing the nut will pull the barrel off the guage appx .001" and should give you very tight headspace of .002" or less, you dont need a no-go, just put a small piece of box tape on the end of the go. if the bolt closes undo the barrel and nut and try again. (box tape is .002" thick)

    Ditch the factory stock, chances are its a turd anyway.. I recommend a Hogue pillar bedded replacement, they make for a very comfy hunting rig. A new hogue for either action type will run you about 130 bucks. Bed the recoil lug to the stock and ensure the rest of the barrel is floated. You can bed the entire action, it wont hurt, but it isnt necessary because the Hogues are very solid and already pillar bedded with aluminum studs. I prefer epoxy bedding for synthetic stocks.

    Then its just a matter of a good scope and mount. The scope is up to you, depends on the intention of the build. But I recommend a DNZ gamereaper mount.
  11. zkovach

    zkovach Well-Known Member

    Oct 7, 2009
    Sounds great thanks guys! When I get it rolling in a couple of months I'll throw up a new thread!
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