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Barrett 50 BMG

Discussion in 'Large-Bore/Small-Bore Rifle/Shotgun' started by warpig, Feb 24, 2003.

  1. warpig

    warpig Guest

    Posts: 3
    (8/3/01 11:49:36 pm)
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    Hi all. Have a question. In the market for a 50 BMG. Found a place in Del Rio, Texas that has this weapon. Has anybody ever had any dealings with this place. Would like to know if its worth a road trip to buy from this place or person. Sorry , can't remember the name of the store. Thanks for the help.

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 1693
    (8/4/01 12:03:30 am)
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    A name would help. There are several large suppliers in that area. LTS
    "am not" R2

    Posts: 1833
    (8/4/01 10:11:23 pm)
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    Re: Barrett 50 BMG
    Welcome Aboard loader44!

    The Barrett is about the best!
    The Firearms Forum Vietnam Memories Bulletin Board Contact Administrator

    Posts: 721
    (8/5/01 7:54:47 am)
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    Welcome aboard loader44!

    Senior Chief Moderator Staff
    Posts: 1465
    (8/25/01 9:19:10 pm)
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    Is the Barrett the one that's a five shot SA?

    I saw one one time I think at a show for like $5000...

    Impressive as heck though...

    I still want to buy a Boys AT rifle someday and have it rechambered for .50 BMG. Supposed to be an easy conversion, and you can use the 5 round magazine.

    I think it's neat how things come around. The Boys was pretty worthless as an AT gun in WWII, but it had some fame as a long range "Hard Target Interdiction" (the "new" name of the .50 BMG snipers) rifle in Greece, and as an anti-personnel weapon in the rocks, where the AP round striking stone caused lots of rock splinters.

    Then the Marine Raiders carried it on the Makin Island raid, and one Raider disabled an Emily flying boat that was trying to take off, at long range, with three shots.

    I guess what goes around, comes around...

    There's nothing new under the sun...
    Will I still like Mosin Nagants after I win the Powerball?
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