Barry O'Drama Throws Hillary Under The Bus

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    It appears that Barack Obama is ready to let Secretary of State Clinton take the fall for the failure in security in Benghazi. During the vice-presidential debate on Thursday it became clear that is what the agenda was. There is no doubt that is part of her responsibility in that role. It seems that there is a legitimate reason for the Obama administration to throw Clinton under the bus on this one and it seems that everyone is on board with it, including Vice President Joe Biden.
    But, if you think that Hillary Clinton is going down without a fight, you would be sorely mistaken. Already former President Bill Clinton has stepped in to give his wife some aid in the matter. Barack Obama has taken some initiative to protect his Attorney General Eric Holder, though it is possibly because of his own involvement in Operation Fast and Furious. It’s quite possible that Clinton is the one the not only knew of the need for extra security for the Libyan ambassador, but that she made the decision to not provide it.
    - Tim Brown

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    Holder and Obama are joined at the hip for both obvious reasons and some more subtle ones. Holder is not going to be taken down for any reason if Obama can help it.

    On the other hand, Obama has no love for Hilary and would throw the blame on her faster than Tom Brady can unload a football. And that could tick off Bill Clinton, which might be a very big mistake by the New Messiah.

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    Found this, no link yet, working on it.

    Hillary Strikes Back: Attaches U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice to Obama White House Propaganda Messaging

    The Clinton’s are clearly on a divergent path than President Obama. Hillary just Judo’d Obama in this informative article posted in the UK Daily Mail.

    In this report Secretary Clinton separates U.N. Ambassador Susan Rice from her State Department, and instead says that Rice was selling the message, and following orders, from the White House, not from the State Department.

    Hillary goes on to say that THEY (State Department) NEVER felt it was a video movie that caused the Benghazi attack:

    The State Department’s insistence it never bought the story – expressed by the White House and Susan Rice, U.S. ambassador to the United Nations – that a crude anti-Islam film made in California triggered the attack gives ammunition against Obama both to the Romney campaign and congressional Republicans.

    State Department sources have said that Clinton has never forgotten that Rice, who served in her husband Bill’s administration, was an early supporter of Obama. Rice has ambitions to take over from Clinton if Obama is re-elected but the Benghazi debacle could scupper her chances.

    In a briefing on Tuesday, State Department officials said ‘others’ in the executive branch concluded initially that the attack was part of a protest against the film, which ridiculed the Prophet Muhammad. That was never the State Department’s conclusion, reporters were told. (read more)

    What Hillary will have to answer for now is why “she”, as an individual, was repeating the storyline -up to and including Pakistani commercials- about a U-Tube video. However she will probably be able to say she was just doing the job the White House needed to, or said had to, be done. After all, President Obama is essentially her BOSS.
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    so with hillary on video on six seperate occasions blaming the video for a local reaction ( not a terrorist attack or any type of attack) she is trying to blame the white house

    I got one for hillary , hey hillary disclose who signed the weapons sheets to transfer captured weapons from afghanistan and sent them to libya and other arab spring revolts that have seen innocents butchered

    oh you co signed it too didn't you hillary , supplying arms to our enemies the who shibang has to go from the lowest lefty to the fakir at the top

    remove em all line em up and SBGO the lot of em
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    She has her ass in a sling, good. She climbed into bed with this Socialist pig for 30 pieces of Silver and now she is going to pay. I hope Obama hangs her ugly ass out to dry. Maybe this will be a wake-up call to all the other Judases in the Democrat party that this guy is dangerous and cannot be trusted.
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    At the risk of seriously confusing this issue, (and the internecine blame game now ensuing), I must point out its the responsibility of the host nation to provide security for foreign embassies on its soil. In these cases Libya and Egypt. This is a well-established point of international law. Historically, past instances of similar nature where the host nation has been deemed to have failed in their duty have led to war being declared.

    Now compare the historical facts with current events. The Obama Administration hasn't "taken the Libyans, or the Egyptians to the woodshed",; i.e. threatened both governments with a declaration of war until/unless reparations are made and tkhley guarantee the security of further embassies. Lest you think a "what the hell attitude can prevail among the host nations, consider the U.S. can use this to seize the property and treasure of these nations' government and nationals. It can also deny them access to U.S. foreign aid, banking, shipping ports, and airports. May not seem like so much until you research the depth and scope of our foreign aid and banking system.

    So, IMNSHO, the "issue" isn't "who" but "what". And its on the what the Obama Administration - along with the sycophantic MSM - is failing miserably. >MW
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    Better not mess with the Clinton's you will end up in the park. I also suppose that obama has no knowledge of the state dept. actions in this matter just like fast and furious.
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