Bearcat size revolver

Discussion in '.22-Rimfire Forum' started by tonygrz, Jun 23, 2009.

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    Yeah, I've known guys who will buy a beautful field-carry pistol and then are afraid to carry it in case they might screatch it.

    I suspect a lot of super-finished Weatherby "Cabinet Queen" rifles will also be left home while some simple Winchester or Marlin lever action rifle will do the dirty work.

    If that heritage shoots well I'd be willing to try one.
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    I have several of the new Bearcats, and plan to leave one blue one to each of my three kids. (then I bought a stainless one for me to use!!) I picked them up slightly used for around 300 to 325 each, including the stainless one. The 2008 version that folks are quoting at 500 plus is a gussied up collectable one, and not meant to be a shooter. Every one of mine shoots very close to point of aim (within an inch at 25 years) and they all shoot tight groups. They are similar in size to the S&W model 34 (blue) or 63 (stainless) and the S&W's are going in the 700 dollar range these days. I like the durable fixed sights and the simplicity and durability of the single action design. The new model has been out about 10 years now, and when they first showed up, there was a convertible model that was pulled off the market right away, and are now collectable if you have one. (1100 to 1200 dollars is what I see them at) As far as I know, the original Bearcat with the aluminum frame and then the Super Bearcat with the steel frame were never offered as a 22 magnum.

    They are great little guns, and I really like the holsters displayed in that early post with the two different size guns. Can anyone advise who made those?

    I really like the Bearcats, and I have fat hands. But I am used to single action revolvers, and to hear someone suggest that they would rather have a Ruger 9mm auto because it is cheaper; while a valid point; is an indication that the person is not a single action revolver person. Bearcats are steel and walnut (or rosewood) and that is how guns are supposed to be in my opinion.

    Nice thread though....................

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