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    Fixin to log off...another Bedtime story for anyone I said when starting these..I try to think of good memories before retiring and as meds hit me..I get mellow and seems good time to think of old short stories with good my intent to use true stories.....

    Well, my father I said once before..right before ministry..he worked in GM auto a"solderer"..where they put seams together I guess....

    I remember him telling this when I was younger.....

    Once on a payday then..he had a best friend who had a deathly sick baby in the hospital , infant as I was...

    well seems even with overtime and all , this fellow was sure under the rock with immediate bills (medical expenses..wife at hospital cribside 24/7...etc..) so anyway..after cashing paycheck my dad gave this man nearly all of his own pay to have for his needs. He said he remembered at the time that it was something that he had to do. Dad said other guys chipped in also.

    Anyway..was drivin home and it soon came to him what he had done, what my mother would say , their own bills , my milk , our groceries...etc....and while driving he just kinda prayed ...first for the guys baby and situation and then for our own family.

    He soon stopped at a light , was down on old Camp Bowie blvd..(some of the street still red bricked paved as in stock yard days..)

    And as he came to a stop..directly a big cadillac bumped him in the rear. He got out to check and check on driver who hit him. Well , he said this big over 400 pound Black man lumbered out of that Cadillac , derby , biggest cigar dad had ever seen ( and dad raised as sharecropper growin tobacco ) ..and the man hobbled up and shook hands and they was both ok , no injury...the man looked down at both's had little scratch..Caddy bumper just smilin chrome...

    he said man then looked all around...put his hand on dad's shoulder and said " son ,we dont need the police or nobody for happy to fix ur car..." and then he reached in pocket and pulled out an unbelievable round wad of money that the man could barely hold with one of his giant paws.

    He pealed off three hundred dollars and handed it to dad , apologized , they shook and both left.

    MY dad said in retrospect , he never forgot that day and instances that happened. He taught me the power of prayer , not what to pray for or about ...but how to pray and who to.

    I do not pretend to preach to anyone. I think sometimes prayers fall in with a boss'es plan..and sometimes they cant. I will tell you that every one spoken in ernest faith is heard though... a thousand stories like that..good to go to bed on....right after nightly quick talk to boss about family, all children , all sick and needy...and yes...all here at this forum and theirs....


    1shot :cool:
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    That was a good uplifting story. Thanks for taking time to post it before going off to bed.

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