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    Hello fellow members...2nd supporters.....

    I am trying a new installment - bedtime story for discussion..I seem to be mellowest right for sleepy time (now and quick)

    It may be just me..but I think we should know things about each other ..not too much or too personal..but true experiences ought to be shared sometimes I think..and not just in a braggin know....

    Tonight's short story...1 of dad and 1 of me...

    1 --MY dad..grew up behind GA plow mule (as I should have ) had a drver license early but nuthin to drive till army (korea)....

    Anyway..crust of story "racism"..was only by grace of God I and late ynger Brother ws raised by this man and my Mom. It is fully my belief that his teachins and lifestyle influenced myself to the point that I was able to CARRY ON and further the FOUNDATIONS..I pray you follow me on this....

    He talked about one day as youngun it was stormin so his old school bus trecked thru horrible rain..he could see line of his friends (sharecroppers son's as he was...and all BLACK ) and he asked driver..I know we can pick them up cause of weather and drop em off, as their school before ours.

    He said he would never forget driver..shakin head and truley Joe Brown jr...I cant risk any Klan see us do know that son........anyway , this story and others and a WAY of living helped me grow up.

    2-- One trip to do one of these prison security fences yall've heard me talk about...I was drivin to N.C. and as goin in to Alabama..was hungry so stopped at little place...and here (tx) they are named "waffle House as elswhere" but this chain - same architrecture/booths/dinerstyle booths..etc I cant remember Name....

    Anyway..hobbled in..all 6'3" w/Stetson and sat in booth...couple booth down from me were 4 college aged boys and couple down from them was booth two older women /3 kids...-black... tea ( and whats good this part of south you get real sweet tea..have to ask for plain...not in texas:( other way around.:()

    While waiting for waffles/eggs..kept being disturbed by loud voices from 4...N word this and loud N word that and lookin in direction of women's right before food came..I had had it..(used to not take much ) so I just spoke loudly - Hey ...if something has happened I dont know about and needs to be settled take it elswhere with these people and best to you..but if hollerin "nword" is all your stops has to...cause next may be "big cowboys with hats....or this or it stops now....last im gonna say....cause your ruinin my breakfast business...

    All I heard was a couple "yes sir's" I finished my meal and when ladies left and nodded I tipped my usual...boys started to get up after ladies payed and left up front and I said - sit down till they drive off..and they did...than they left and drove in other direction....

    as I left to pay after washroom , waitress, said no sir..yours is handled..the ladies wanted to pay yours...but manager already did and said make sure you stop when returning by.....

    I say or tell this story not to brag...but to mention it is the kind of good things of my life I think about before retiring...and seems to keep the boogers only pride in this and many stories must always reflect on my dad....

    I hope to read stories and comment on yall's bed time stories or good mornin stories for those on other side of clock........

    good night and will dream on this and upcomin MEET in Hillsboro and what a good place this is...

  2. Crpdeth

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    Apr 23, 2002
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    Good stuff...

  3. swanshot

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    All evil needs to succeed is for a good man to do nothing.
    You did something, good on ya mate.
  4. oldogy

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    Jan 10, 2009
    East TN
    Thanks for shareing those.
  5. 45nut

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    Jul 19, 2006
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    Nice read 1shot1k. :D

    My Daddy was also born a poor white sharecropper. More stories this weekend.

  6. chuckmanley83

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    Feb 16, 2009
    great story. It takes a real man to speak out like that.
  7. fmacsin1

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    Oct 25, 2008
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    Great story!
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