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    Jan 25, 2012
    Yes wooly, I picked up a Frankfort arsenal quick n easy tumbler, it had pretty good reviews and came with case lube, separator and tumbling media so we will see how it works, hopefully pretty well. It didn't break the bank though so if it doesn't work well And I get more brass to reload I will pick up a larger Lyman or something. I also have a set of Mitutoyo calipers from when I was working in a machine shop. They are digital but I have used them for years and checked them on quite a few standard blocks so I know they are very accurate. They have a half mil resolution.

    One more quick question, I was inspecting my brass I ordered and checking case length. I have inspected and measured about 50 so far and none have been over 1.28in. Most are mid to upper 1.27's. From he manuals I picked up they all state that minimum case length is 1.285in. Is this going to be a problem or am I being to precise. Is there a tolerance to stay within +/- so many mil's or anything I should be aware of? I don't see any tolerances in the manuals or on the interweb. I am a little bit OCD and a firm believer in doing things the right way the first time.

    Also thanks for the suggestion about doing a few mock up rounds to practice my die adjustments. Everything but the press got delivered today so I will have to do that tomorrow when it's delivered. I'm not sure if we can say anything about vendors on here but the two I felt with when ordering my setup were very helpful and prompt with delivery. The only reason the press and tumbler didn't make it today was they are in a 25lb box and it took anlittle longer in transit. But I ordered the stuff on Wednesday with 3-5 day ground shipping and it was shipped that night and at my doorstep today!! ouldnt be more pleased with the service. Called to ask where my press and tumbler were and never had to go through the phone tree automation junk, promptly got a human and my question was answered and my estimated delivery was given to me within 5 minutes of placing the call.
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