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    Ordered my press kit today got the Lee Classic four hole turret it came with the rifle setup I got .223 REM it came with

    Lee Classic Turret Press

    Lee PaceSetter Dies (3 Die set)

    Lee Pro Auto Disk Powder Measure

    Lee Saftety Prime System (Large AND Small)

    Lee Auto Disk Riser

    Powder-Thru Rifle Charging Die

    Case Lube

    Double Disk Kit

    Now its time to start putting together my list of smalls Case conditioning tools / tumbler and sift / scales/ and powder working tools any other suggestions on my list of smalls besides powder primers and bullets which Ill get last will be appreciated I also got the Lee 2nd edition reloaders manual and am presently reading the ABC's of reloading
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    The Sierra manual is a great one to have too. If you are going to use the measure be sure to get a spherical powder, not stick. If using a stick powder you should use a scale. You are going to need a scale anyway to set up your powder measure properly.

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    What 312 said. A bullet puller is a must when starting out.
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    Dang it I'm still using one after 40+ years!

    When it comes to calipers I like the old analog dial type. The visual help ya see which way to go and how much to get there. I guess if you think in numbers the digital would be fine. For example I rather see a woman's figure, then the measurements are obvious!;)