Belguim Dbl Barrel damascus steel

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  1. douglasfancy

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    Dec 17, 2010
    This is has stainless barrels, several markings on both barrels, each barrel is one number off, has 183 and 182, has oval with crown on top with e, l and g, middle connect bar has id number 5286 has diamond shape on barrel above crown with 12g, above this is a arrow pointing to diamond, then above arrow is an scroll type marking, we have been uable to find the date of this gun and the value or actual maker of this gun. It also has the numbers on it that say 1823. Could you help.
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    Feb 22, 2004
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    Stainless barrels, I don't thing so, maybe shiny Barrels. Stainless wasn't used in firearms until , I believe, the 1960's. The Crown over the ELG is the Belgium Black Powder proof. These guns were made by the hundreds of thousands for export to Europe and the United States from the late 1880's to the late 1930's Being Damascus and black powder proof , I believe would date your shotgun to the before 1911. There are no records for these old Belgium shotguns and their value is low. These were some times made by single workshops but more often made by Co-ops to full fill large orders. A no name Belgium shotgun , value ?, in in very good condition I have seen these go for 250 and in poor condition as low as 50 dollars as decorater peices. Regardless of what a few suicidally shooters say, these old shotguns are not safe to shoot. Unknown quality and lord knows under what conditions it has been stored in. Damascus is welded iron and steel rods welded together around a mandrell ( round rod ) under the heat and a hammer., with thousands of tiny voids filled with rust and corrosion. If your really interested goggle Damascus and Belgium.
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