Beretta 92fs reloads

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  1. Ok, i am going to start reloading 9mm for my beretta. Two questions, What style lead bullets have you guys tried that have the least problems with jamming? Also what loads do you guys like?
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    Feb 26, 2007
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    I cast my own 124 grain RN bullet and I use 6.0 grains of Accurate #7. I actually don't shoot a whole lot of lead through the Beretta 92. My favorite load is a 115 grain plated bullet (Berry's or Rainier) being pushed by 8.1 grains of AA#7 or 4.4 grains of Bullseye. I have never cared much for loading hot loads but you will find that you have to get a little above a mid-range load for the Beretta. That is a pretty substantial chunk of steel that has to be cycled, so I had to rethink my mild loads!!
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    I cast my own 124 grain TC and I use 3.5 grains bullseye.
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