Berg is pissed!

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  1. Nah, they know all about the Constitution. They use the Constitution to cloak their actions in legalilty; i.e., I"m doing this with the power granted me under the Constitution. It looks to me like these closet commies are going to do the exact same thing that Hitler did in Germany starting in 1933 to gain absolute power, but do it under a thin skin of Constitutional legality and authority. I can see it coming just as if I could see a train racing down the tracks to hit me. But you can't tell the Obamites anything about it because they are still mesmorized by their new Messiah. Hmmm....Hitler's followers acted the same way.:rolleyes:

    I've said it before and I'll say it again....we're boned. The brainwashed sheeple not only did this to themselves, but they did it to the rest of us too!!!:mad::mad::mad:
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  3. Agreed, the Libs see this as their chance to be full fleged Comunists. :mad: :eek: :mad:

    Ohh.... sorry I forgot they dont like using force.... YET!.... Their socialists.:mad:

    We may not be Boned..... There are enough of us out there that when things crash we will be there to tell them what should have been done in the first place... And thats to fallow the constitution!
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    Thanks for the post Lori
    But I have to agree with RunningOnMT, Berg's letter doesn't resound with the flavor of confidence or competence, more with the flavor of desperation and anger. It would be, or course, proper for the legal ramifications to run their course, but also painfull.

    The future is hidden to me, and I have know idea what to expect. How can I prepare for anything, when the possibilities are so vast ?

    I yield the floor for you all to answer my last question.
  5. Hey, when he becomes president, it'll be an Obama-nation!!
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    I like that. Thank you.

  7. Feel free to use it. I know I am. Every time he screws up (and he will) I will shout "why, It's an OBAMA-Nation!" Wink TJ
  8. If everything is on the up and up, then why is Obama himself hampering the investigation? That one point right there makes me believe that he actually WAS born in Kenya and thus inelligible for the office. Of course, if by some small chance his election is declared null and void, who would be President? Please don't tell me it would be Sneaky Joe Biden or even worse that whackadoo Pelosi.
  9. At this point, with the election confirmed by the electoral college, Joe Biden would become president. As I understand it, after the Immacu-Cor-Inaugu-Hajj, even if Barry is found ineligible to be president by the SCOTUS, it's too late.
  10. So no matter what happens, we're screwed:mad:

    My heartfelt thanks goes out yet again to the brainwashed, unthinking morons who now seem to populate the majority of this country.:mad::mad::mad::mad:
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