Best Military Bolt action of all time?

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    Well speaking of Hitler, I know that he was very mentally ill while being delusional. Just look at the way he talks. A real man doesnt bite down on a cyanide pill and then shoot himself in the head at the same time because he loses a war. A real man rather accepts the fact he lost the war and then goes ahead and decides just to get killed. Another coward was Osama Bin Laden when he used a woman as a human shield when they killed him and her too.
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    Everyone is so scared of it they wont start a war with the Swiss.:D Just Kidding. 98 Mauser is the best WWII era bolt action rifle.

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    I never knew that, but it is pretty consistent with what I have seen them do at the range.
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    Here is the description of the WWI mad minute:

    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Mad minute was a pre-World War I term used by British riflemen during training to describe scoring 15 hits onto a 12" round target at 300 yd within one minute using a bolt-action rifle (usually a Lee-Enfield or Lee-Metford rifle). It was not uncommon during the First World War for riflemen to greatly exceed this score. Many riflemen could average 25 shots, while the record, set in 1914 by Sergeant Instructor Alfred Snoxall was 38 hits.[1] It was rumored that a company of assaulting German soldiers reported that they had faced machine gun fire, while in fact it was a rifle squad of ten men firing at this rate.

    Sounds like some pretty good shooting to me and while the rifle is only part of the equation any rifle capable of that many hits in that time frame @ 300 yds has got to be a top contender for best military bolt action. Just cycling the bolt, aiming, and firing is pretty damn good but don't forget they had to reload every ten rounds.
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    I will go with the little known bastard child of the military arms as well the 1917 it was a beast of an action strong as an ox. I have a 308 custom built on one. It started as a USMC battle rifle then because a very nice looking 375 H&H mag rifle to go to Africa. Grandfather never made it over so he re barreled into a 308. Now that is a versital action. I haven't found the best load yet but the worst prints 1/2" at 100 yards for 5 shots. I got that from 135gr SMK, 155gr SMK, 168gr SMK, 168gr A-Max and 155gr Interbonds. So she sure is consistent. My deer rifle is a Remington model 30 express (Exact same action)
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    I own a jap arisaka 38 carbine.Very smooth action.and kick is nonexistent. My grand dad got this rifle on mount Iwojima.I believe he was in 4th division,28th battalion. This thing has taken big deer by the truck load.
  8. For me the better bolt action for combat situation is mas 36/51...Lee enfield is good because 10 round magazine but for me mas36 is the better....Im hunting whit 200 grains bullets and is very accurate rifle at long distance...And can take big powder load. The sight need adaptation, enfield no4 have better sight...
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    This is operator error.
    As you knpw the .303 is a rimmed cartridge.
    Load it into the mag wrong and a problem is not just likely but actually assured.

    Load the mag correctly and you have what is rightly regarded as the best bolt action service rifle ever produced.

    I have K98, M48, 1903, 1903A3, Arisaka T99, K31,No1, No.4 and No4MK1(T), M1 Garand, M-1 carbine and M1A .....

    If I had to grab a bolt action to head out for the zombie would be my Savage No.4....


    And an M1 Garand was considered fit for issue if it could shoot into FOUR inches at 100 yards.
    So the Enfield requirements were actually a bit more stringent.:)
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