Best screwdriver kit for working on firearms

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    Feb 10, 2012
    Hi: All here is trick I use that you should try. Take your screwdriver and turn it handle down, the blade end up. Put the handle in a vice lightly with it bottomed on the link between the jaws and take 12 oz or so hammer and tap the working end of the blade till you have a flared tip. Don't go to extremes that little flared end will help you take out screws that were widened by a cheep or not held straight screwdriver. It work hardens the very edge to help cut into the bottom of the slot. This is the next best to the drill press or mill set up.
    For to many years I traveled North America and Europe repairing printing machinery at all hours and found Craftsman and SK were the best, not in quality but in getting a replacement at 5:00 Sunday, printing presses run around the clock and emergencies happen any time or day.
    Needed to carry a few as possible to do as much as possible..
    I also had a run in with a Snap-on driver about a ratchet that slipped when you pulled real hard. I was told it stripped because a negligence, not following the lube order for it, bought the parts kit he had on the truck and walked away, that killed Snap-on in my eyes.
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