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  1. Ok

    I figured out what was wrong with my 22-250. It does not like to be shot off a bi-pod. The B&C stock flexes and touches the barrel. It is a sporter style that has been hogged out for a heavy barrel and I just don't wan't to mess any more.
    I want a good stong stock that I can shoot from a bi-pod prefer beaver style forearm, more pistol grip or thumbhole and setup for high rings with a 50 mm scope. I would even consider a tactical style. I usually hike in set up and stay. I have looked @ H-S precision, boyds, McMillen, but can't seem to find a lot of info or good pics.
    Thanks for your help

  2. potato_sniper

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    You might give this a try.

    Hey man,
    I kinda like the look of the Dragunov style synthetic stocks myself. I'm planning on getting one this fall for my SKS. I think 1952Sniper said something about the one on his SKS one time. He might have a little more to say about them. Here's a link to one company that makes them. Ultimate Varmint Stock

    Beware, though, some people like them and some people hate them. One thing I've read is that they are as heavy as sin, but that shouldn't be a problem since you're using it on a varmint rifle with a bipod. Give it a look and read up on it. Maybe it's the way to go. Maybe not. It's a starting point, though. You decide.


  3. I like it

    I saw this the other day on a new savage and quite liked it. It felt great and looked to be quite adjustable.
    I didn't realize this was available for my rifle. And for only $180. I think I will go back to the shop and see if they can get me just the stock.

    Thanks for the info tato sniper.

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