Better Read This--CCW Folks Will Have Guns Banned For Conventions AND " Areas"

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  1. raven818

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    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    April 28, 2012

    Protesters at party conventions could be armed

    The protesters at the Democratic and Republican national conventions can come armed with concealed weapons, including guns.


    TAMPA, Fla. — The thousands of protesters expected at the Democratic and Republican national conventions can come armed with a lot more than signs and slogans: State law in Florida and North Carolina allows concealed weapons, including guns.

    In Tampa, where the Republicans will hold their festivities this fall, officials are starting to worry about people toting guns in such a politically charged environment. The City Council voted Thursday to ask Republican Gov. Rick Scott to help them temporarily ban concealed weapons. ( temporary?? what exactly does that mean )

    Charlotte officials have yet to publicly voice concern, but with both cities trying to balance public safety with First and Second Amendment rights, it's likely the host city for the Democratic convention will also have to address the issue.

    The Tampa City Council wants Scott to issue an executive order, preventing people with concealed weapons permits from carrying guns.

    "We believe it is necessary and prudent to take this reasonable step to prevent a potential tragedy," council member Lisa Montelione said in a draft letter to Scott.

    Tampa city leaders have already proposed a host of banned items (lumber, hatchets, gas masks, chains and "super soaker" water cannons) — but they are prevented from outlawing concealed guns.

    Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn said the state law has made the city "look silly," particularly because officials can ban water guns but not real ones.

    "We're kind of constrained by the state law," he said.

    The issue is more complicated in Charlotte. The city in January adopted an ordinance allowing it to set up "extraordinary-event zones" — designated areas where people won't be allowed to carry backpacks and other items.

    The city wanted to ban guns in those zones. State law, though, allows people to carry concealed weapons — unless they're at a parade or protest.

    "The zone is going to be far bigger than a demonstration area. So if I have a demonstration that marches us down main street, but the extraordinary-event zone covers all of downtown, what about the area outside the demonstration? That's the piece that's been hitting us here," said Mark Newbold, an attorney with the Charlotte police department.

    Tens of thousands of delegates, journalists and political junkies will stream into the mid-sized cities for the multiday conventions. Republicans hold their event at the Tampa Bay Times Arena from Aug. 27-30. The Democrats' party is a week later at the Time Warner Cable Arena. Inside the arenas, the Secret Service has banned civilians from carrying guns.

    Both cities have hosted large gatherings before — Tampa has held four Super Bowls, and Charlotte has entertained the Atlantic Coast Conference basketball tournament and the National Rifle Association convention — but neither has really experienced an event such as this.

    In the past 50 years, political conventions have become a magnet for protesters, and they have sometimes turned ugly.

    In 1968, demonstrators tried to disrupt the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. Scenes of police clashing with protesters on the streets played on TV screens in living rooms across America. Four years later, anti-war demonstrators disrupted the Republican National Convention in Miami Beach.

    More recently, thousands of protesters descended on St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2008, when the city hosted the Republican National Convention. Some demonstrators smashed cars, punctured tires and threw bottles in a confrontation with pepper-spray-wielding police. Hundreds of people were arrested over a few days.

    "Everything we are doing is based on something that happened at another convention or another national security event," Tampa City Attorney Jim Shimberg said.

    The federal government has given $50 million each to Charlotte and Tampa to help them pay for new security-related equipment, training and officer salaries.

    Tampa is proposing a "Clean Zone" protest area with portable toilets, water, a stage and a microphone for protesters. Outside that area, people will be allowed to march down an official parade route as long as they have a permit.

    The exact location of the protest zones and security perimeter will be decided by the city commission in the coming weeks.

    Joyce Hamilton Henry, the director of the mid-Florida office of the American Civil Liberties Union, said her organization is concerned about protests that will be limited to 60 minutes, and a ban on masks.

    "We feel it's totally unrealistic, especially if groups are coming in with large numbers," Hamilton Henry said.

    The Tampa Police Department is expected to rotate most of its 1,000-officer force into convention security during the event, which could draw up to 45,000 people. An additional 3,000 officers from other agencies around the state will help.

    The Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department plans to add 2,400 to 3,400 officers from outside departments to its force of more than 1,750.

    For the convention there, a coalition of groups has formed because the groups said they are angry the city has refused to share information about where they can gather.

    The Coalition to Protest at the DNC has threatened to gather without permits, and promised a massive demonstration Sept. 2 in what they call the Wall Street of the South. The groups promised the demonstrations will be peaceful.

    Charlotte, a city of 760,000 people, is home to Bank of America Corp., one of the nation's largest banks.

    "This is something we have to do. They can't stop our right to protest," said Ben Carroll, a coalition spokesman.

    Members of the coalition said they're still angry about how police in February disbanded an Occupy Charlotte tent city on the lawn outside the old City Hall. Protesters had been camped there since October.

    The move came one week after Charlotte adopted the extraordinary-event ordinance, which gave police more power to stop and search people when the convention comes to town

    The city said it has the right to restrict demonstrations, but wants to be fair to protesters. So the city has added a "speakers' platform," a location with microphones and amplification equipment.
  2. raven818

    raven818 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    Hmmm, just had a thought. Where has all this concern suddenly come from? Weapons have been around since Cain and Able. How long will this ban last, until Elvis leaves the stage?

    It's starting to smell a bit. And why are just the permit holders being addressed? We don't make the news for killing people.

    Gonna have to watch this play out.

    Wait...I'm at it again. How will they know who the permit holders are? I'm getting confused again. Somethings rotten in Denmark.
  3. gvw3

    gvw3 Well-Known Member

    Oct 16, 2011
    Chicago IL Area
    Looks like the politicians fear the people they were elected to represent. Could it be they are not doing the job they were sent there to do?
  4. raven818

    raven818 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    Fear can be a good thing! Get right, or get gone.
  5. hogger129

    hogger129 Active Member

    Nov 29, 2009
    Couldn't whomever owns the building where these events are going on simply put out a sign prohibiting weapons from being brought there during the conventions?

  6. Jerryboy

    Jerryboy Well-Known Member

    Mar 8, 2012
    if there is no frisking or metal detectors then i carry, simple as that.
  7. raven818

    raven818 Well-Known Member Supporting Member

    Oct 3, 2011
    Jax, Fl.
    Being me, I don't think this has anything to do with fear of permit holders. It's meant to create fear of folks with permits.

    Gun crazed idjits, who as one poster said, are just itching to shoot someone..why have a gun if you can't kill your neighbor? :confused:

    It's, IMO, meant to assist the current administration in their push to rid the citizens of their 2nd Amendment right. One tiny step in that direction, is better than no step at all. With any kind of luck, they'll find another Lee Harvey Oswald, who just happens to have a permit. Convince his twisted mind that some one is a threat to them and their family, and turn him loose. If he winds up shooting someone, or even just shooting at them and missing, in short time you won't even know his name. What will be pressed in the MSM 24/7 is, he had a permit...Oh NO, Mr. Bill. :eek:

    First, no guns in an yet specified " area " surrounding the national conventions...sort of a time out for our rights.

    Second, remember the SS will lock you up for voicing your adverse opinion when a politician is speaking. Why not take that a step further? How about putting CCW rights on hold anytime any politician comes swaggering into town? Have the local gendarmes stop every citizen on the street, or in a vehicle and run their name thru NICI. If they have a permit on record, yank them up against a building or across the front of their car and, shake em down.

    If they're carrying within the unspecified area, charge them with a federal crime. Draw as much attention as they can to each arrest.

    Gabby Giffords would not have been shot, had the proper laws been in place and enforced. :eek:

    I obviously don't know what's up. But there's more to this than we're being told. And I'll repeat myself once more....why are just the permit holders being singled out?

    Guns can be stopped from entering federal buildings, court houses and anywhere else if the proper controls are in place.

    Lastly ( maybe ), whats with the Areas anyway? If someone wanted to shoot somebody up close, I can see that happening either at the entrance of a building, or when they are getting outside of their vehicle.

    But, anyone who has the most basic training in the use of a long range weapon, could pull off a successful shot from a much greater range.

    bHo now has his finger on a button to shut down the internet all together, all at once. He has given himself the power to declare marshal law during peace time in the United States. He has appointed czars to control each and every aspect of our lives anytime he considers it to a matter of national emergency. He is destroying our guarantee of fair and impartial laws being passed by congress by declaring " we can't wait ", and bypassing congress all together by utilizing what he believes is his right to do anytime he wishes.

    Yesterday, a reporter refereed to him as king ( in his own mind ).

    They're coming to take us away, ha-haaa!!
    They're coming to take us away, ho-ho, hee-hee, ha-haaa
    To the funny farm. Where life is beautiful all the time and we'll be
    happy to see those nice young men in their clean white coats and they're
    coming to take us away, ha-haaa!!!!! :mad: ( old song, you probably don't know it )
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