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    What a fascinating discussion. Can I join in?

    I believe that man's spirit (often called "soul" but I believe erroneously so) was created long before the earth. I believe our spirits were much the same as the bodies we have in life, but without flesh and bones. I believe that in this state we had free will and made choices, and were male and female, and lived "in heaven" with our heavenly father. This condition was wonderful, but limited. We could not really progress and make significant choices because being in heaven, there were no bad choices to be made. How could we learn while staying safely in the nest?

    So the earth was created where our spirits would sojourn in a mortal body of flesh and bones for a lifetime, all the while confronted by many good AND bad choices. It was an opportunity to learn by experience. But our Father knew us and knew we would ALL make some bad choices while on Earth. ALL of us, without exception.

    And since God is perfectly just we could never return to him and thus we would certainly be lost forever. UNLESS there was a mediator provided. The mediator must be an individual who was both willing AND able to pay the demands of justice for us, thereby enabling God's mercy to have claim on us and redeem us from death and sin. Thus we were provided a saviour, whom we know as Jesus Christ.

    I believe the heavens and earth were organized in six creative periods (called "days" in many translations, but I believe not literally 24 hour days) and that mankind was the crown jewel of the SIXTH creative period. And I further believe that this was not the first Earth so created, nor will it be the last.

    Is the above wierd? Or oddly familiar?
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    Not weird to me, Ken - I have studied Mormonism for years.

    You may (or may not) know that the idea of the spirit pre-existing the physical body is not unique to LDS; it is also in Jewish mysticism - Kabala.

    I don't find the belief to be disturbing in any way, not contrary to any of my personal beliefs, but rather something that is outside the scope of the Bible writing.

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    I have actually heard both of these theories before. I'm not sure I believe them. But, I do think they may help to explain Neanderthal & ancient man. (While not necessarily taking away from the TRUTH we find in scripture.)

    I've heard the possibility that God did create mankind before the fall of Satan & angels. Once those angels were cast out they came to earth & bred with early humans. This caused God destroy ancient man; and create another line of humans we know as modern man. (Adam was supposedly the first of these men & Eve was the first of these women.)

    Like I said, I'm not 100% sold on this theory. But, it could help explain an older Earth, ancient man & dinosaurs. So, I think it could be worth further study.


    One thing I have come to believe is about the creation of "TIME".

    I believe time was created in order help save men from EVIL. God lives in the spirit realm; outside of the restraints of time & space. I think man was also created to live in the presence of our Creator; outside of the realm of time & space. However, after satan was cast down the world became evil & corrupt.

    God had to implement a plan to "purify" mankind & restore them unto HIMSELF. So, HE created a "TIME-line" in which to accomplish this. Thus, "in the beginning" (of "TIME") God started the "timeline" of Jesus coming to save the world.

    REMEMBER: The primary purpose of Scripture is to tell us of "HOW" our loving Heavenly Father set out to restore man unto himself through Jesus Christ.

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    Intrasting. But what about Lilith?
    Does anyonr think she ever existed?
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    My belief is that Lilith was/is a demon figure in the guise of a woman. I think she was one of the fallen angels; a demon known as a "succubus".

    Listen guys, I really don't mean to sound crazy. But, after years in "deliverance" ministry, I "KNOW" beyond any shadow of doubt evil is real, demons are real; and they can fool even the wisest of men!

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