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    Apr 26, 2009
    The NH Fish & Game will not officially confirm, but there have been a a few reports coming in of mountain lion sightings here in NH (Great North Woods area).

    There have also been some wolf-sized dog-like animals caught on trail cams recently, and half the people say they are wolves, and half who see the pics say they are large coyotes. Frankly, I'm not taking my chances because 'yote or not, they are the size of a german shepard.

    There are also a a great many bear here where I live, much more than 20 years ago. Just like Ig-pay-atin-lay-ater-hey, I carry a sidearm all the time in the woods now. Its an S&W 629. Boom!
  2. I've come across cat tracks slightly larger then my hand in the foot hills of the Huachuca mountains, heard em scream at night, makes the hair stand up on the back of your neck, of course here in Oregon we've got lots of cats, but never saw a print as large as that Arizona cat.

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    My step mother has got a picture or a couger that was in her front yard there in GA. I personally have found deer remains that were tore up somethin horrible with tracks all round and they werent bear or dogs.
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    OLD THREAD.... and the cats are still out there and out here also...
    This was done by a large cat... the owners neighbor saw the cat walking away from the horse...

    10 min. later I'm still looking for the pic. I can't remember the file ---I have thousands. HOWERVER you can see this pic on the other thread about ....MORE ON BIG CATS.... on the hunting and fishing part of this forum....

    later catman
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    I'm getting old and forgetful ...I found the pic ... what do you think..
    later catman

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    Dec 6, 2008
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    I think the horse did not stand a chance. Too bad.
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    Mar 7, 2008
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    I live in California, east of Sacramento in the Sierras at 4000'. I've seen one mountain lion since I've been here (4 years). That one walked across the back of my neighbor's property about 100' away from the patio where 12 people were having a BBQ. I've also had that "low growl" experience. One Thanksgiving my wife and I took a walk to let the turkey settle. We left at dusk and as it was getting dark, stopped alongside the road to rest. From the bushes immediately behind us we heard the low, rumbling growl of a very large critter. I told my wife to slowly walk home, while I walked behind her facing whatever was in the brush. We had no weapon, only a flashlight, and made it back to the house without incident.

    The attached picture is of a print I found on the doormat on our deck just outside the garage door. I had noticed that the garage cats had been a bit freaked out that morning. As I was working in the garage, I noticed that some plywood sheets that I had laying on the floor were covered with the same prints. No wonder the cats were all rolled up in little balls of fur hiding in the dark recesses of the garage.

    I compared the prints to some on-line sources and believe them to be a large bobcat or small mountain lion. Can anyone verify that?

    Mountain lion sighting aren't rare on our road. Neighbors have seen them hunting on their property, deer remains have been found, and the PG&E man has advised that a lion has made a weekender's property his home, which is just across the road from us.


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    Aug 31, 2010
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    Bad news about this cat, Pinecone. The fish and game agents used too much tranquilizer and it died.
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    I hear about cat sightings almost every week, from all across the east and mid-west but no one post their sightings here. Why ? is it because its a so called dead horse issue that no one wants to hear about because you think no one will believe you anyway...??
    later catman

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    I saw a huge cat in Jefferson, SC crossing the rd just after dawn one morning. It was HUGE; tail to nose about 8'. (measured by 10' traffic lane) It was also jet black; much like that pic catman.

    I went to the game warden office as soon as I got back to Darlington Co. They didn't call me a liar. But, they told me they weren't aware of any cat populations in that area.

    I am an experienced hunter and woodsman. I'm also educated in "wildlife" biology. I have no doubt that what I saw was the BIGGEST cat I've ever seen in the wild; and it was BLACK.
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