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    Call me crazy I have seen both Bigfoot and UFO's

    I was out mowing the lawn one sunny afternoon in Corning CA where I grew up. I was about 15 or 16. I stopped to get some water and I looked to the east. Now I lived in the Sacramento valley Sierra Nevada to the East. About 70 miles from Beal AFB. This base once had U-2 and SR-71 so we would see planes all the time. I seen a glint that caught my eye and looked harder. It was an object moving extremely fast covered hundreds of miles in seconds. Then it came to a complete stop hovered in one sport for aprox 2 minutes and then Shot straight up in the air faster than any human build air plane or rocket. There was no way it was any thing like a air plane or rocket. Now my vision has been 20/10 since I was young. So I seen it clearly.

    Bigfoot We were up in the Mountains (Coastal range to the west). Almost at the tree line looking for our Christmas tree (Silver tip) and we have 2 rifles with us and a pistol or two as well. We stopped for a pee break and I seen it out of the corner of my eye. Something big brown and walking upright. At first I thought it was a bear. I grabbed the 357 Smith and spun around it seen me move and it took off moving like an Olympic athlete jumping over downed trees and flat out sprinting DOWN HILL bears can't run down hill.
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    Nov 27, 2010
    Folks 'round here in East Texas won't report Bigfoot sightings for two reasons: one, might be somebody's sister and two, Bigfoot's good eatin'.
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    with how the government is.. we will never know. with all the infrared, and heat detecting things in the heli's, im sure it would be real easy to track one down that way. So one way to learn about these things is to become a real high ranking officer/general or become the president and be allowed into the non existent area 51 base. you know if we could gather a little over 2000 people at the gates of area 51, had it all streaming through smart phones to the internet and they marched there way in, the government wouldnt be able to explain almost 2000 deaths caught on camera here in america..... just my thoughts.... strength in numbers... maybe im just young and naive..
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    The Mrs. and I went to area 51 some years ago. There is a LONG gravel road, straight as an arrow, right out across the desert. At the other end, it goes up a slight rise, then curves down to the right to a gate that is out-of-sight of the main highway. The gate is closed, and a fence stretches off in both directions from it, with an electronic detection package about every 25 feet or so both ways. At the top of a hill to the left were two white Bronco's with tinted windows. While I tried to take pictures of the gate, one of the vehicles started down the slope towards us, and the Mrs. HIT the gas, getting us out of there. She had read the "deadly force" line on the sign on the gate, and would NOT stick around to talk to the guards.
    The owners of the Little Allie In in Rachael told us they will arrest you and confiscate your vehicle if you go through the gate rather than just shoot you outright.

    From the dust cloud we raised driving on that gravel road, they have LOTS of notice when someone is approaching, so I expect they would have sufficient folks present to deal with any crowd by the time you got there - -
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    Maybe, BF, is out there. But I don't buy it. I mean, if it were true, wouldn't someone have gotten a decent pic of it by now? Or a dead, BF, found?
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