Bird Death Fines - Who's Paying, Who's Not

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    Bird Death Fines Depend On Who Kills The Birds
    - Jack Dini Monday, September 19, 2011
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    Jack Dini, Canada Free Press
    September 19, 2011


    Oil companies face heavy fines: Wind farms get a free pass
    Seven oil companies have recently been charged in federal court with killing migratory birds that died after allegedly landing in oil waste pits in western North Dakota. The charges involve 28 dead birds that were discovered in oil waste pits between May 6 and June 20. The maximum penalty for each charge under the Migratory Bird Act is six months in prison and a $15,000 fine. (1)

    There’s more: In July 2009, Pacificorp agreed to pay $10.5 million in fines, restitution and equipment upgrade costs for the deaths of at least 232 golden eagles, 46 hawks, 50 owls and nearly 200 other birds that had been electrocuted in Wyoming since January 2007. The cost per bird computes to a little less than $20,000. (2) “On August 13, 2009, ExxonMobil pled guilty in federal court to charges that it killed 85 birds—all of which were protected under the Migratory Bird Act. The company agreed to pay $600,000 in fines and fees for the bird kills, which occurred after the animals came in contact with hydrocarbons in uncovered tanks and waste water facilities on company properties located in five western states,” reports Robert Bryce. Each bird kill cost the company over $7,000. (3)

    Wind Farms

    The Fish and Wildlife service estimated in 2009 that about 440,000 birds were being killed by wind turbines. Yet the wind industry has yet to face a single charge.

    10,000 annual bird deaths occur in the Altamont Pass wind turbines in northern California

    One example is a study by the Alameda County Community Development Agency which reported that 10,000 annual bird deaths occur in the Altamont Pass wind turbines in northern California. Deaths include 75 to 100 golden eagles, 380 burrowing owls, 300 red-tailed hawks, and 333 American kestrels(falcons) killed annually be Altamont turbines. (4)
    With an anticipated twelve-fold energy build-out by the year 2030, bird mortality is expected to dramatically increase in the coming years, absent significant changes in the way wind farms are sited and operated.
    So, what’s the life of a bird worth? If you’re Big Oil it can range from $7,000 to $20,000 per bird. Yet, if you’re wind energy, it costs nothing. There are hundreds of cases that federal officials have brought against oil and gas companies over the last two decades for violations of the Migratory Bird Act, a statute on the books since 1918. No question the cases were justified, but not one case was brought against wind farms even though they kill many more birds. Somebody has given the wind industry a get-out-of-jail-free card.
    When it comes to protecting America’s wildlife, environmental organizations and federal law enforcement officials have a double standard: one that’s enforced against oil, gas and electric utility sectors, and another that exempts wind and solar power from prosecution despite evidence of a multitude of violations.

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    Jack Dini has been writing on science and environmental issues for the past 13 years, publishing in places like Hawaii Reporter, Environment & Climate News, American Council on Science and Health and others.
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    Sep 25, 2007
    $20,000 for killing the King's birds. Friends (and political allies) get a free pass.

  3. terryu1

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    Along those lines they have passed legislation in San Francisco which regulates what windows you MUST install in new buildings. Some kind of reflective so that birds do not fly into them and get harmed. This was done despite no evidence that it was happening???
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    Good Post Juker !

    Birds are only one of a lot of species being killed by wind turbine farms ! Bats and innumerable insects are among the toll ! Lots of insect species "migrate" and use natural wind currents and passes to aid them on their way ! Wind farms amount to putting cuisinarts in their migratory path !

    And yes, there's a "political reason" why the toll on wildlife exacted by these "green generators" isn't being mentioned, let alone acknowledged or fined ! Its a long-known and asidiously-hidden "secret" of the "green weenies" even as they hypocritically demand the abolition of lead bullets and support impoverishing Central Valley CA farmers - not to mention starving much of american - in behest of some fish ! >MW
  5. langenc

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    So!! Millions of cat owners pay no fines and no cat licenses. Cats kill many times more than all turbines and oil put together, yes, perhaps different species but?? Cat owners put the cat out for the night. What do they suppose the cat is doing all night long>?? Cat needent be fined but like the oil co, the owner.

    The "abolition of lead bullets" and implementation of steel shot is for the sole purpose of hunter harrassment!!
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  6. Bobitis

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    That's a rediculous connotation.:rolleyes:
  7. jwrauch

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    The hypocricy of liberals knows no bounds. JR
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    This has been going on for years now from beginning of wind turbine power. I do not know why a big oil company has not challenged this in court citing a double standard is in place. There are plenty of statistics now in place to show that a double standard does exist againt the oil companies.
  9. langenc

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    Oct 23, 2009
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    Does the truth hurt?
  10. Juker

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    The sheer lunacy of these fines is what gets me boilin'. These aren't cats and dogs, or any kind of livestock with a food value. These are wild birds. Despite the arguments of the wrongheaded libocrats, I'm not concerned that we're running out of birds. And if we do, well, I'll get over it.

    These companies aren't out maliciously hunting down birds - but at $20,000 per fowl, we have to realize they're not just choking down these fines. You and I are paying them, down the line.
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