Black Granite

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  1. This was wrote by my wife's Grandpa, Jim Curran. Papa served in WWII, seabees. He was on the USS LST 473 during the assault on Lae.
    He wrote this in response to an article which it starts with.

    The general accounting office reports
    it has saved some $7,000.000 dollars on the Viet
    Nam Veterans Memorial by having the
    names of the dead sand blasted instead
    of engraved-

    Hey, ain't you got that stencil ready?
    You lookin' for some overtime?
    What name is that? Hell, I don't know.
    Just keep them all in a line.

    Soldier, soldier, stay in line
    Don't you know it's not your time?
    Take your place in the right row
    Time is money, don't you know?

    So you think that this might be the kid
    Who lived two houses down the street
    And rode his bike across your lawn
    On his way home from school.

    Young man, young man, watch that line
    Go your way, and I'll go mine
    Sign your name in the right row
    Grass costs money, don't you know?

    He used to date Hank's daughter Mary
    After they'd moved down from Gary
    I saw him once, when he came back home
    Holdin' hands and laughin'

    Missy, missy, hear my line
    Won't you be my Valentine?
    We'll have babies, watch them grow
    Get their names on the right row

    His brother tried to get on movin'
    These blocks on up to Washington
    But you got to know some railroad guy
    or join a ****** union

    Freight train, freight train, sing your song
    Not to short, and not to long
    Not to fast, and not to slow
    Time is money, don't you know

    Anyway, we was shootin' some pool
    Talkin' how come we didn't win.
    Shoulda killed them, instead of all those
    Good American Boys

    Buddy, buddy, toe the line
    Ev'rything will work out fine
    Bury bones and grass will grow.
    Weeds and seeds all in a row

    And some long-haired kid was sayin'
    We oughta engrave one last word
    On the very last block -compassion-
    Wonder what he meant
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    Thank you, Thomas...


  3. I'll relay that to Papa:)