Blackpowder substitutes in a FL???

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  1. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    It's been a while since I needed some more FFFg for my flintlock, but none of the gunshops I used to get it at seem to carry it any more! All they have any more is pyrodex or 777 or the like.

    Is it getting hard to find? I was in 3 shops that used to carry it this week ALONE and NONE have it, they say the licensing is just too much trouble for as much as they sell any more.

    I know Pyrodex is or was not recommended for flintlocks before, but none of the substitutes seem to SAY on the cans or bottles whether they would work in a FL.

    Does anybody use them for their flinters? Would they work if you used bp in the pan? My can of FFFFg still marked $6.95 (you can tell how long ago I bought it!) is still more than 1/2 full, so that should last me for another 5 years or so.;)

    If not, where do you get your BP? I need to know before this season, I'm down to about 1/2 a horn full.....:cool:

    Does Gander Mountain carry it?
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  2. armedandsafe

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    Pyrodex P is FFFg equivalent. The problem with the subs is that they ignite less easily than does real BP. In a percussion, this is not so much a problem, but in a flinter, things are a little more iffy. You might have to adjust your pan load, roll more powder to the flash hole if possible or :D stuff a bit of C4in the flash hole. I have talked to a few flinters who have gone through this exercise and none were as happy with fake as they were with true BP.

    I was told by several that it is a bad idea to try to make your own FFFFg by grinding FFFg or FFg in a mortar. :eek:


  3. polishshooter

    polishshooter Well-Known Member

    Mar 25, 2001
    Yeah, I've heard both pros and cons of grinding your own priming powder, and even have a stone mortar and pestle if I ever HAVE to do so (you just KNOW the "mountain men" didn't carry TWO granulations for too long on a "long hunt,") so it's probably been done, but then again a pound of FFFFg used only for priming lasts a LONG time, my can is at LEAST 10 years old! True, I only shoot maybe 20-25 shots/year average if I'm lucky, most just before deer season, and once every time I come out of the woods to unloadif I DIDN'T get a shot at a deer...but STILL, it would be hard to run out of it before you ran out of the trip F....

    Plus I HAVE fired mine using 3Fg in the pan several times with no problem!
  4. armedandsafe

    armedandsafe Guest

    Black powder can be safely (relatively) ground in the back yard, but there is more to it than just dropping it in the morter and squishing it up. If you follow the proper procedures and are careful you won't defeat the powder and you will keep all your fingers. :D

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