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    Have any of you guys ever looked in to this company and their dealings in Iraq. They are a private security company with government contracts and nearly 2000 (I think) former special forces soldiers in combat roles overseas. I've not yet done enough research to form an opinion on this. It seems that they are doing a good job over there by virtue of being a force made up almost exclusively of individuals with special forces training and combat experiance but why does the American military need their help? The media seems to think that they are there because laws are nearly non-existant or not enforced in Iraq and since these guys are not governed by the Uniform Code of Military Justice they can be used in "less than legal missions". In any case their missions and operational directives are kept closely gaurded so it is unlikely that my research will yield any real answers on why they are there or if their use is even legal. Anyone have any insight in to this?
  2. I think they might use Blackwater to do the dirty work where Congress has tied the hands of the Military, to get the job done. More Power to them!

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    I have taken a couple of classes at Blackwater, they do protective service type work, which covers a vast arena of situations, there are also law enforcement, current military, counter terrorism and other folks there, they are a good bunch of folks, Blackwater is located here in NC
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    They have a website and are an excellent company with highly trained individuals who are made up mostly of former Marines and special op types to include former Police Officers. There is a great CNN thirty minute interview on exactly what their role is in Iraq on their website and no they dont do what the military is not allowed to do thats false they actually have a more strict policy concerning use of deadly force than the armed forces they just are way better trained in escort and various elements of room clearing urban warfare tactics. As for who is making the real difference in Iraq I'd have to say a great deal of Full Time Police Officers who are National Guard Reservist and Army and Marine reservist who are full time sworn cops are the one's giving training to younger active duty and iraqi security details and Iraqi police. Most of those guys are also gulf war veterans to add to their Police experiences back here in the states and a valuable source of knowledge. Blackwater USA Trains special op's people in the military and hundreds of Police agencies across the globe also as well as them having their own corporate security details. They are about an hour drive from me in the "Blackwater" river that has a swamp near me in Va that I fish in. They are an excellent organization.
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    See, another instance of the media trying to mislead. As I said, most of the media coverage I've seen is negative, saying they are a "private army, growing swiftly out of control". From what you guys say, they are performing valuable, LEGAL service overseas. As an example, I've seen a news report on them where one a group of their men was shown on a rooftop aiding regualr forces to repell an attack and the clip cut to a lull in the fighting and a Blackwater man saying "Fu@$*$% Ni$%^r", making them look like bloodthirsty biggots who are only there for personal, racist reasons. However this was simply clever editing because if you can see the full video that this was cut from, the guy was chatting with a black soldier and the comment was said jokingly, sarcastically and completely without racial intent. He was just trying to get a rise out of a friend. The media tries to make them out to be killers for hire, men who lust for war. They, I believe, are being used as a tool to try and make the current government look bad by twisting the facts. I'll be sure to look in to the facts a little more closely and form an informed opinion.
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    I'm in the industry. I know them. Blackwater has a superb reputation, and they are overrun with great people. Great organization with a very unique mission and capabilities.

    Don't believe the media on this, or any other subject for that matter.
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    My best friend works with a new cop that was previously employed by Blackwater. I guess the guy was on the Olympic team for marksmanship and can pretty much run full tilt while firing his side arm and put every hole in a 2 in shot group. A very modest man who is very friendly..and who doesn't talk about what he did at Blackwater. hahaha.

    It was sorta funny, this subject just came up the other day. My friend was qualifying and just barely passed (which isn't good enough for him) so he's been going to the range with the Blackwater guy for practice.
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    half empty half full etc

    Perception is a function of perspective.

    One man's hero is another man's villian.

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