Blaser R93 LRS2 groups well.

Discussion in 'Competition Shooting Forum' started by kaylan1, Apr 7, 2003.

  1. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    Got my Blaser, went to the range to break in the barrel and dial in the scope. Only had 100yrd range at my disposal. I put 2 targets up and started plinkin. Put my last 10rds on the second target.

    Was shootin 168gr. BTHP Black Hills Ammo.
    temp- 76
    wind: 0-7 NE
    partly cloudy

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  2. Hey its bowhuter4us. nice shootin. Mine is still getting the break done, I am going to try federal gold medal match 168 gr. w/ matchking bthp. I might have to reload, or I might not mess with it. Support our Armed Forces. :D

  3. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    I got a buddy that has the perfect load for the blaser, or so he says. He gave me 10 rds to try. they're molly coat BTHP.

    Is your barrel factory threaded? You should contact Sig arms about the factory break. My recoil is a little more than an AR-15 with the break and well, you know what it's like without. Have you broken your barrel in yet? I'm using Black hills ammo for that. just as good as federal match but cheaper. The brass is match grade also. Gonna go out in 2 weeks and do some 1000yd plinkin:D :D :D

    I need to get mydope for 300,500,600,800 and 1000 yrds.
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  4. Yea, but the factory brake is to much and I like the look of the one I am getting. It also threads on. I can't find anywhere to buy black hills around here. No sporting goods store or guns store here carries it , and won't get it because they have to order a case and I don't want to buy a whole case. I can't buy it online because of stupid Il. strict laws. I could buy it from cabelas but I have to fax them a copy of my f.o.i.d. card, but I don't have a fax. I got the federal match for $24. Well how many rounds do you consider broke in? Later.
  5. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    yeah federal is spendy. black hills is 16.00 a box. thats why i got it for break-in ammo. I'll prob stick with it. it's very consistant as you can see. The way I was taught to break-in a barrel is as follows.

    fire one round. swab the bore with a bore solvent ( Butch's Bore Shine is the best that I've found. A lot of shooters here tend to agree.) you can use Shooters Choice, Hopps, etc... as long as it cleans out the copper resadue and fowlling. I do 15 to 20 strokes with the bore brush.

    Next, I use a brass patch plunger not the eye-let type patch holder and push patches through till it comes out clean (white not grey) I have a Dewy 48", one piece coated cleaning rod. If you have to use a 5 piece rod, get one with a rubber like coating not aluminum. this helps prevent possibly scaring your barrel.

    By the time you push a few patches thru, the barrel should be cooled down enough to shoot again. You don't want to get the barrel too hot until you've treated it (broke it in). You want to shoot about 50-65 rds this way. Yes it's time consuming but worth it.
    Some folks say the only reason they punch the bore is to calm them down between shots. I had a Gunny tell me to break it in anyway. He said it does help maintain pinpoint accuracy to break it in correctly. I trust his instructions. He was a long time shooter with lots of exp. and comp. shooting wins under his belt.

    As long as your sending good clean burning ammo (matchking and the likes) down the barrel you shouldn't have much trouble with fowling. hope this helps:D
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  6. Hello, yes that's what I do also. I have butchs, but have been told by my gunsmith this new "wipe out" is much better. I guess it foams up and dissolves the copper and doesn't affect barrel. I also have a dewey 1 piece rod, got it from sinclair. I use the push jag also that came with rod, I need to order a brush now. I hope to be getting rifle back soon and try it out.
  7. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    I'll have to try that foam out, but I'm kinda traditional. I stick with what I know works. i'll try it with a cheaper weapon.
  8. Leadmagnet

    Leadmagnet New Member

    Mar 31, 2003
    Paste Cleaners

    Don't use me as gospel, but I had been using traditional liquid cleaners on my Tikka 22-250 and was happy. Recently I tried a well known benchrest type paste cleaner, and my accuracy suffered. Now this may be because I have a cleaner bore and must readjust my loads but, when we are talking going from first shot x's to hoping to be in black, I am not pleased yet........
    And for some reason I remember some info in a ballistics book about the abrasive nature of paste cleaners (very minimal, but it is there). I was asked to borrow out that book. When I get it back I will try to properly reference it.

    P.S. (Kaylan1) Glad I don't have an x on me. I am beginning to think you don't like em!
  9. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    I agree with you Leadmagnet, think I'm gonna stay with what I know works. heheh "x" is on my hit list when it comes to paper. Here's a pic of my Qual. Target last week. Just got the barrel broke-in before I qualled. Need more scope time to tighten it up. Turn it sideways and it looks like mickey mouse.

    ;) [​IMG]
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  10. Nice shooting. what yardage are ya there, what bullets are those, same ones? Im still waiting to get mine back from gunsmith.
  11. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    thats 100yrds. I'm shootin some rounds a friend of mine loaded that has a blaser. He did the testing to find the perfect
    combination for our rifle. It's a molly coated BTHP. perfect powder(varget) and federal gold match brass.

    The target with the 10 rds in it is Black hills ammo.
  12. What have you found to be the best for a bore brush? A brass, bronze, or nylon. thanks.
  13. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    I got the brass for my breakin, but now that i'm only shootin molly coat rds I'm using the nylon and Molly prep. for bore cleaner. It's a very slick barrel don't cha know:D
  14. Well I got my gun back. He did a great job on the brake. It looks real nice and the trigger is adjusted and real crisp and no over travel he was able to hone the sear but not sure what it is braking at, I don't have a scale. I will post pics of gun when I get a chance. O I ended up going with a nightforce nxs 3.5-15x50 with NP-R2 recticle. So far it looks great, nice piece. Long eye relief, very clear, laser etched recticle and lighted, side focus knob, nice audible and stiff turrets. Comes with 4" sunshade and is 30mm tube.
  15. kaylan1

    kaylan1 New Member

    cool, lookin forward to seeing the pics
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