blast in indianapolis

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    Sep 17, 2012
    Yeah, the people's story stinks to high heaven... I'll bet the authorities will get to the bottom of the story soon. The owner of the house was already complaining on the evening news about being "grilled" over and over by investigators. The really sad part is the blast killed two of the next door neighbors. If they can ever prove the blast was intentional it will be two counts of murder for whoever is responsible.
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  2. Might be where you luve but here in rural KY there is NO ONE trained enough to proof of arson! Heck we are lucky that we do not still have to rely on a bucket brigade! Our local fire dept. is so mired in debt and mismanagement that we might not have a fire dept. in a year. Sad too because we had one of the best fire depatrments in this area of KY up till last year.
    Seriously, the arson investigaters here in Ky are so under funded and ill trained, they would need a viedow of some one committing arson to even get it in court and then a conviction would be near impossible.

    As to teh blast, I still say meth lab being the couple kiled was from the part of KY where several BIG meth busts have been made.

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    Nov 20, 2010
    This is now being investigated as a homicide, the law is searching for a white van seen in the area before the explosion.
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    How is it if a drone with hellfire missles can nail 1 stinking terrorise through the 2'x2' windown in a mud hut in the middle of the Afgan mts. It just so happens to miss A giant office building and hits a home. RIGHTTTTTTT

    Right the missles were fired from 50 miles to the south.

    OK so the two places are 20 miles apart. The range on a Hellfire missle is 5 miles and the speed is Mach 1.3 (Or 950 mph).


    1. How did the missles end up 20 miles away.
    2. At 950 mph (stick with me here I am going to do math) D=rt Distance = Rate * Time.

    Time = Rate/Distance so T= 950/20 = 47.5 seconds.

    So how did WPAFB dispatch an A6 and catch this in that time.

    Good lord if you believe this even happened you are dumber than you look.

    Again range of the hellfire is ONLY 5 MILES. So tell me how they ended up 20 miles to the south?
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    Nov 20, 2010
    Just updating the story here. I'm not on the conspiracy thing. My opinion is the homeowners hired someone to do it while they skipped town for the weekend.
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    Yeah and everyone including the cat wasn't home, foul play? Want to bet on that one? ;)
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