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    From: "BADF Disabled Services" <>
    Subject: Blind Hunter Looking for Adaptive Ways

    If you know about ways for the blind to shoot archery please contact this gentleman. Thank you.

    I am writing you to see if i you can help me in finding an adaptive bow so i can begin archery again. my story go's: i am twenty eight years old. i served ten years in the Air Force and i am a combat beteran. i was a military police officer for those ten years. i left the Air Force because my father was diagnosed with terminal cancer last april. i was honorable discharged in august and began working construction for my uncle's company that i intended to take over and manage one day. well on eight september i was a job cite when a steel cable broke with the weight estimated to be over six thousand pounds. it hit me across the face and left me legally and permantly blind, without the sense of smell and limited taste. thankfully i am still alive, married with two children. i have made leaps and bounds with my recoveery. it has been a rough road, my father passed away in december before christmas. my brother actually writes computer software and programs for the blind, ironic but here i am. it's been five months and i am writing all this all on my own. i am having difficulties finding equipment. in the military i use to shoot competitive pistol and rifle and i am just waiting for spring to go and shoot again. although i have a larger desire to start a bow again. well any help you can provide on helping find a bow and sighting equipment would be much appreciated.

    please forward any information you can to . i wanted the bow and equipment as soon as possible, i am suppose to travel to ohio in may and would like to shoot my new bow while i'm there with my brother in-law an avid hunter. thanks for your time.

    very respectfully
    jim sadecki
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