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    because if you need to use it in your cooling system of your vehicle, you should use dH2O, otherwise you will need to flush the system to avoid corrosion. But any water will work in emergency. I buy distilled water for 83 cents/gal at the grocery store; I also have methanol/water injection in a couple of my toyotas which requires distilled water to avoid corrosion also.

    but having water is the important thing, without that you're not gonna make it very far.
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    way better tahn the 30's and 40's!

    my old ford 2n manual ( 42-47 ) says to refill radiator with clean lake or pond water every day.. :)

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    Dec 12, 2010
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    hahha, my old 4runner leaks coolant, gotta top her off about every 2-3 weeks.

    off topic here, but you can test the amount of corrosion in your system with a DMM/voltmeter; stick the positive lead in the coolant itself (don't touch it to anything but the coolant itself) and negative lead on a good ground; if the reading is 0-5v, you are good. 6 or 7 and higher means you have significant enough particulates to warrant a flush and refill.

    since I have a bunch of vehicles, I made them all toolkits (emergency ones anyway) from cheapo Harbor freight tools; about $75-100 will get you enough to fix just about anything that can be fixed without a shop. In good tools, that would be something like $500+, not good tools but enough to get the job done at least once without breaking the bank.

    I also carry a portable air compressor, you can get little ones for as little (and crappy) as $8 up to ARB on board air compressor/tanks for $700. Good to be able to fill up a bum tire, I keep a plug/patch kit ($5) in each tool kit also.

    plus, if you get stuck in snow or sand, you can air down your tires a bit to gain traction and once out on the road you can air up again.
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    I'm an advid jeeper, keep GHB in each jeep, plus a full size spare, tool kit (all hand tools), spare fluids and parts. As for spare parts I usually carry stuff like axle shafts and spare yokes but in an lifted jeep the parts under the most stress really change compared to a normal vehicles and I encourage you to look up what you should carry for your vehicle, I even carry different parts between my two jeeps.

    I almost always leave my BOB at home, its a plastic water resistant chest that I filled with mostly camping gear since its primarly used for camping but also could be used for survival as I have supplies included and plenty of gear. It's small and light enough that one person can carry it and fit it in the jeep and has a large sack inside it just in case I ever need to go portable and put it on my back.
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    hey.. isn't ghb the acronym for some kind of drug? bet some drug agency is pickin gup on keywords here and wondering WTF!? :)
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    I think it's a roofie. Georgia Home Boy.
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    I always have a few things on me including a pistol and a way to start a fire. 29 miles as the crow flies to get home. No reason to carry all that stuff on a nice October day My pistol and fire starter will suffice
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    if the stuff tryly has hit the fan. that nice 29 mile pleasure hike may turn into somethng worse.

    what if the reason you can't get home was a car accident.

    you gonna bandage that cut with a gun or a fire?

    they are reasonable items that we are carrying.

    failure to do so likel;y means that when we pass you on the road, we find your looted corpse a few miles from the vehicle you HAD BEEN sleeping in.. oh yeah.. but you were warm because you had a fire, and they left a thank you note pinned to your body, thanking you for the gun. :(

    minimalistic approach to survival is fine if you want minimal results. ;)

    all i'm saying.

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    If you are walking, something has happed! Did you just run out of gas? Not if you are taking the route of the crow! 29 miles as the crow flies, might turn into 60 miles as the man walks, unless you can fly! If your car is no longer running, and you didn't run out of gas, (EMT) then probably nobody's car is running. So they are out walking to! Now the woods are crowded, and you need to seek cover, and move quitely so you won't be found by others. 29 miles as the crow flies has just become an ordeal that could last up to a week! Opps, I forgot, you didn't prepare for water, so you never made it home!
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    simple emergency? yeah right.. when is an emergency simple.. :)

    being prepaired is the best defense.

    being minimally prepaired means you live just a little bit longer than the guy that wasn't prepaired at all. Hopefully leaving a good fire starter or other usefull items on your corpseso that those of us that are prepaired, when we find you.. can scavange it.. if the others didn't pick it clean already.. :) ;)
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    I like it, but I did take liberties with some of what you had to say! :D

    If I can't take care of myself, I can't take care of my wife, and children. Since my responsibility is to them, then I have to make very sure that I am around to provide, and protect, them! I can't do that if I haven't given thought to, and prepared for, just about anything I can think of!
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    no, i agree with you entirely. that 29 mile walk home might turn into 60 miles and a week.. if at all.

    I completely agree.

    my simple emergency comment was to the OP. ( hard to communicate well typing.. :) )
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    I understood! When I said that I took liberty with some of what you posted, I meant that I made some small changes. Capitalized a couple of words, and added one. You, and I, are on the same page.
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    Its always a good idea to keep a gun in the vehicle especially if you get broken down in the middle of nowhere. Also a cb radio is another thing I would have too