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    and doubtful you're gonna die if you don't carry a ton of stuff, but it sure makes life a lot easier when caught in a pinch. And like said, although I carry a minimum all the time, if I'm going far or for long or way back, I plus up quite a bit. Camping gear, vehicle recovery stuff, lots more food/water, more guns/ammo, etc...

    My pistol bag which lives in my truck, has about 300-500 rounds in it at any time, about 150 of those are sitting loaded in magazines plus the 3 mags on my person. Got a camelbak, a couple quart water bottles and a gallon of dH2O, medical bag, lots of tools... fleece jacket, rain gear.... extra socks/shoes...

    flares, orange vest, headlamp, flashlight, chemlights, jumper cables, torque wrench/breaker bar, tow strap and clevis's, MRE's... compass, lighters, electrical tape, duct tape, 550 cord, trash bags... dang, my truck is a mobile AAA/repair shop!

    I guess my advantage to just having all that junk on the seatback pockets and on the floor in the rear of my cab makes it harder to steal than having all that stuff in a GHB! hahaa...

    you'd need a shopping cart to get away with all that crap. probably could get like 1 or 2mpg's better without that stuff too, oh well...
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    and to the poster who mentioned that we don't know your skills.. that's correct. we are making assumptions based upon an average of the population. my comments were not specifically targeting YOU as being dead on the side of the road.. but as a general population that is unprepaired. None of 'them' are here to put in a comment.. so i used your comment as a proxy ;)

    But yeah. if 'you' are some special forces, BB, seal, ranger.. etc.. etc.. then yeah.. I expect you can run off into the woods naked when the SHTF and then find one of us prepaired guys and .. um.. misappropriate our stuff as needed.. :) ;)

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