Bolt handle tight to lift up on some shots.

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  1. soundguy

    soundguy Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2012
    got a question.

    I relaod for my 30-06 bolt guns usually.. but do have a garand. in looking in my manuals.. I see that the load for the garand is about 10% lower than the laod for regular springfield. given that the springfield loads are about a 10% spread from max to starting, and the garand loads ar ethe same, except 10% lower thanthe springfield start.. seems like that means the garand is actualy way low for a starting load.

    what makes this possible, as I've also read on the 'too low' a charge being bad due to pressure... as also evidenced by the commentary in this post.

    is it simply that the gas system and bolt locking is geared for that lower charge? or???

    thanks for any comments..e tc..
  2. Archie

    Archie Active Member

    Soundguy, the 'too low' powder charge problem is in connection with slower powders. Garands (and most other gas operated rifles) use a middle speed powder, 4895 or such. These powders have a wider range of use and do not cause the light charge problems as do 4831 and slower.

    For a Garand, it is important the pressure level be within certain limits as the bullet passes the gas port. Too low a pressure and the gun doesn't work; too high and the operating rod bends. What is deceptive is the bullet can be going at pretty much the 'correct' velocity and the pressure range not be right.

    If you have a reputable loading manual, you should not have any problems in the regard. I'm of the school that more loading manuals are better.

  3. mcgreen85

    mcgreen85 New Member

    I own a 22-250 & I reload for it. 35 grains imr 4895, ive never had this problem you're having but I can say that I trim my brass every time before I reload & I very seldom have any that gets shaved off that much. I'm not sure but I think it has to do with you shooting such low loads that your brass is not stretching out that much. I know mine doesn't but I don't push mine real hot either. I hope this helped, Matt
  4. soundguy

    soundguy Well-Known Member

    May 8, 2012
    same here on manuals.. i have all the major ones.. lee, hornady, lyman, speer, sierra, nosler, plus a good stack of small publications with data.. mostly some imr stuff and some shooter magazines with a center data section.

    I mainly load in imr 4064, so I read up in all the manuals before selecting a starting charge level.. imr 4064 has data available in the garand section of the manuals that list it.. though it is a hair lower than the 30-06sprngfld guessing medium ... tis interesting to look at many of the special loadings you see as well.. like the 308 svc rifle load data m14 etc..

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