Book review: "Astra Firearms" by Dr. Leonardo Antaris

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    Nov 24, 2009
    Got my new Astra book directly from the author, Leonardo Antaris.
    I have to say that it exceeded my expectations by a wide margin.
    First of all, it is an encyclopedic work, numbering 810 pages, encompassing ALL of the Astra production.
    Ninety percent of the book is in color with spectacular high definition images of guns, holsters, accessories, proofmarks, etc.
    The attention to detail and data presentation is at the level never before achieved in any firearms related text.
    In addition to firearms research , the book also contains a number of historical overviews that immediately create the necessary context for a collector, transporting him or her back in time when the guns we hold in our hands were actually made.
    There is a sizable section on Mauser Broomhandle pistols and other Astra competitors, that could have been made into a book of its own.
    The Astras of the Nazi era are presented in great detail, complementing other books about the Third Reich firearms and providing data that cannot be referenced anywhere else.
    While reading this incredible text, I was finally able to see the guns that I had only heard of before, including never before seen prototypes, selective fire pistols, pistols sold to Japan and China, "one of a kind" guns, and finally the types of guns that I have in my collection and hold so dear to my heart.
    If you thought that the "old" Astra text was good - wait until you have the "new" Astra text in your hands - it will blow you away.
    I can't wait to find out what new book project Dr. Antaris is planning for us in the future.
    I am certain he would not dissapoint.
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