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    A man is put in the hospital after a long life and it looks like he's not going to make it. One day his son comes to see him and possibly say goodbye. So they sit for hours upon hours, just rehashing the past, telling each other stories that they both already know, talking about wishes unfullfilled and dreams that almost came true.

    By and by the topic of their family life came up and the son praised his father for being so devoted, loving and faithfull to his mother. The father takes a deep breath and says "son, go home now, and go to my study, you'll find my old footlocker. I want you to take the key out of the powder horn hung on the wall lamp, use it to unlock the desk drawer. Take the key from the drawer and unlock the foot locker. Inside you'll find two very different things but I can't remeber how many of each so I want you to come back and tell me so I can go to my God."

    The son goes home and gets the key from the powder horn, he unlocks the desk drawer and retrieves the key to the foot locker. With shaking hands he removes the lock and opens the dusty lid.

    Inside he finds seven empty beer bottles and an envelope full of cash. He quickly counts the cash so that he can report back to his father, shuts the lid, locks it and heads for the hospital.

    he finds his father sleeping and when he wakes him his father's first question is "Well, what's the count?" The son replies, "I found seven empty beer bottles dad, what's the story there?". His father once again inhales deeply and says, "son, things weren't always as they seemed at home. Your mother and I kept it private but we did have a few big fights in our time. Each one of those bottles is for a time that your mother made me so mad that I ran out and slept with another woman. I'd come home from those nights, drink a beer to calm down and put the bottle in the foot locker so I'd remember how weak I was. I was never proud of what I did and wanted to never do it again."

    "Wow, I don't even know how to deal with that," said the son, "Next you're going to tell me that you used to run guns to Cuba, how else would you explain nearly $175,000 in cash?"

    "Well," said the father, " that foot locker is pretty small and I had to cash in the empties at least twice a month."

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    I didn't see that one coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    One Marlin hasn't heard. :D
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    Bunny gets some kind of medal for that too right? :D

  5. :D :D Wonder how many bottle & how much cash, Bill Clinton has in his footlocker? :D
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