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  1. I bought some touch up blue for my pre-ban SKS fom Wal-Mart today. Figured it was worth a try that stuff turned out awsome. All I had to have was rubbin alcohol, sponge, steel wool and some time. Yall should give it a try some time. If I didn't know how old it is I would swear it was brand new.
    The only thing is I can't get the smell of that stuff off and it don't smell that good. :)
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    Is the name of it, "Brand New Blue"

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    yea, i've heard of this stuff. a friend of mine told me to use gloves... i guess i forgot to let everyone else in on the secret... :D
  4. Pickeup Its called Perma Blu by Birchwood Casey
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    I've used the BC Perma Blue for years on many "touch ups," but only one other time on a complete gun, an old Savage single shot 12 guage years ago, and on my Ithaca military 1911A1 slide that has seen plenty of wear, several times in fact. They've made it for a LONG time, and they also make another formulation called 'Super Blue" which I haven't used yet. The Perma Blue also comes in creme or liquid, I only used the creme before, because it's easier to work with, BUT once it's opened it doesn't have a long "shelf-life," it always dried up before I needed it again...

    However, I did my Polish M44 I'm working on with the Perma Blue liquid a few weeks ago, stripped and sanded it to the white, buffed it with 0000 wool, then heated it in the oven until it was almost too warm to touch, then blued it three separate times in a row uintil it was dark enough, rubbing it down with the wool and oil in between, then degreasing, then heating it again, etc..

    Then like it said on the bottle, I "liberally oiled the entire rifle and let it 'cure' overnight."

    It came out looking REALLY nice, I'm hoping it lasts longer than other jobs I've done with it did though,. I had to redo the shotgun a few years later, and the .45 rubbed off from all the times it came in and out of the hoster in my IPSC days, and after some LONG term storage in the closet when I didn't fire it at all, it developed some surface rust...although I never heated the gun or let it 'cure' before...
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  6. The Birchwood Perma Blue has been around for quite a long time. I've used it with good success on many occasions for touch-up bluing. A product I like better, especially for larger scale cold bluing is Brownell's Dicropan T-4 which comes in a thick cream liquid form. Brownell also offers a product called 44/40 which works well and is quite similar in effect to the Perma Blue.
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    Apr 3, 2006
    Here's another "wonder blue" its called G-96 GUN BLUE CREAM. Degrease,sand pitted or rusted areas with steel wool,and apply.Wipe off excess with wet towel,give it a little gun oil,and your good to go! Wont even stain your hands AND it kinda smells good! Touched up an old S&W model 10 and it worked great.
  8. I really want to try the BROWNELL aerosol blue any yall tryed it yet?
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    Had a little run in with brownells a few years back,they billed me,never sent the goods,and wouldnt give me my $$ back.Needless to say I havent tried it.
  10. Sounds like you really like em :)