Brasil and WWII

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  1. Ursus

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    Jul 23, 2006
    El Salvador, Central America.
    It's kown that during WWII, Brazil sent troops to Europe, Italy if I'm correct. Does anyone know what kind of small weapons (Rifles, smg, and pistols) were issued to these soldiers?
  2. polishshooter

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    Mar 25, 2001
    Most of it was US stuff, for supply reasons.

    I KNOW I read all about Brazil's contribution, and I THINK it was mostly service troops, only about a battalion of combat troops, and some naval contingent operating US lend lease PCs and SCs, but their BIGGEST contribution was in the Battle of the Atlantic, both indirectly (That ALONE was a big help!) in allowing us to use airfields and naval bases for search planes and to base the South Atlantic Fleet of DDs, as well as keeping Argentina "honest," but they also had a few naval vessels of their own, along with a bunch of PCs and SCs that we gave them, plus a decent sized air force of patrol Bombers, along with training their Juniopr Naval officers at our "Subchaser" schools, that gave valuable service escorting the "inshore" convoys in the Caribbean,

    One little known factoid of WWII is after the US and Canada, Brazil ranks third in the numbers of casualties suffered by Western Hemisphere Countries in WWII. Brazil was a VALUABLE ally to the allies.
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