Brass Cleaning

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    Brass works for cartridge cases because after years of experience they figured out how to make it work. The brass is hardened in the head area of the case, softened in the neck and shoulder area. This is possible because the crystalline structure is different in those two area because of the application of different heat and cooling processes. The ammonia, according to what I have read, can change the crystalline structure. The crystalline structure is what gives the brass it strength, not just the fact that is is brass.

    The cartridge case is not made of brass because brass resists most chemical actions but because of its ability to repeatedly deform and return to its original shape. But get it too weak and it will fail. Impact the hardness of any part of it and it MAY fail. Ammonia is know to weaken brass. Don't use cleaners or polishes or any chemicals not specifically for brass cartridge cases. Again 60,000 psi is nothing to fool around with, especially when appearance is the driving force. Dull clean brass shoots as well as shiny brass.

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    Dec 5, 2011

    It should work fine as long as shipping costs are reasonable. For me 50# of media would last longer than I will.
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    I use cheap white rice.......
    when it shows some sign of darkening,
    I replace it.
    Works great.....
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