Brass Management?

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  1. Lakebilly

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I don't expect to ever shoot competition or own hi-end weapons. I would like to know reloading appreciably better than I do, having a good balance of accuracy & economics. Brass management (@ this point) seems to be where I need clarity. What equipment, and what order to get it. I shoot Rem 700 vssf 22-250, & Savage m10 .223. I have others just not focused on them now, only interested in hunting apps.
    I have RCBS dies & and Lee case trimmer. From what I can tell from the forum(s) i read, the Lee collet die, concentricity guages, neck trimming/turning tools (properly used) will give my brass longer life and accuracy appropriate with gun limitations+ load development. I guess what i need to prioritize (& budget 4) is a procedural progression; i.e.,start ; sorting, fireforming, annealing, guaging, trimming, turning,etc. I have read soooo many threads and I can't seem to decide what eq. to get or the procedure as to get optimum life/performance from avg. to hi-end brass. Is it possible to agree on procedure without debating necessity? Is there a publication that covers brass management? Can the "elite" reloaders succinctly describe their step by step approach to brass management. If @ a procedure you have a preference to Eq. brand list it. Thanks for your input. LB
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    The best way I have found to optimize the life of brass is to avoid loading at the top end as high pressure will work the brass. Another option for bolt action rifle shooters is to neck size the brass, this will aid both accuracy and life of the brass.

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    This is the best way to make your brass last the longest.


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    Oct 7, 2009
    Thanks for that post quite interesting.
  5. Lakebilly

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    Mar 19, 2009
    I feel like Mr. Magoo. I have heard of these, I don't see who makes them. thanx. LB
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