Brits freak out over .22 cartridge

Discussion in 'The Fire For Effect and Totally Politically Incorr' started by kalash, Nov 20, 2006.

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    It's good to see the real deal from a real person. Saw the bit about the found .22 months ago, and have not returned to it, but glad I did. Welcomes must be getting old by now, but welcome anyway, davidlw :)

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    Re: Brits would freak out over me!!!

    As a long time world traveler and hunter I just plain avoid England when I travel... and its a shame, great places to visit, wonderful people and a beautiful countryside.

    However, I often travel with firearms and that just won't work if passing through England. One destination is Texas to Tanzania as we own business there and, of course, hunting is wonderful.

    To go through London I have to get off at Gatwick and travel by bus all the way to Heathrow and go back through security and head to Oman and then to Tanzania.... not a chance, the bobbies would have me in chains instantly and the Omanies would just plain poop their drawers, so we now fly through Zurich direct to Dar-Es-Salaam and have no problems. It costs about the same, takes the same amount of time and eases my mind.

    Once in TZ we can strap on our pistols, throw our rifles over our shoulders and head for the bush... heaven, almost as good as Texas.

    My wife loves Galstonbury, but I promise its the most messed up place I have ever been, the fruit cake liberals of England must have purchased then entire place... crime is rampant and the police basically ignore it... I'll not go back, King Arthur or not.
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