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Broken slide stop in a springfield 1911

Discussion in 'The 1911 Forum' started by ysacres, Mar 7, 2003.

  1. ysacres

    ysacres Well-Known Member

    Nov 10, 2001
    Wazzu WA
    Posts: 1
    (2/28/02 2:29:56 pm)
    Reply Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    I've got a brand new Springfield full size 1911 that I purchased on Friday, 2/22/2002. In less than 600 rounds, I've had two factory slide stops cleave in the barrel link area. The first stop was replaced by my dealer. An additional stop is coming directly from Springfield. They don't seem to think this is anything other than coincidence.

    Unless the broken part falls out, the only indication of the failure is a severe degradation of grouping. I'm kind of afraid to carry it now even though I've been assured that much more than the slide stop would have to break in order for the slide to exit the rear of the frame. Reliability is a concern because it would have been my primary weapon for concealed carry.

    Has anyone else seen or heard of a bad batch of Springfield slide stops?

    *TFF Senior Staff*
    Posts: 2203
    (2/28/02 4:57:36 pm)
    Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    A more likely problem is improper barrel/link fitting. The entire gun should be returned to SA with a full description of the problem.
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    *TFF Senior Staff*
    Posts: 1764
    (2/28/02 5:07:55 pm)
    Reply Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    Hi "rg".....welcome to TFF.

    Wow...that's a strange one. I've fired many thousands of rounds thru 1911's, and seen many more thousands fired by others....and have never seen a slide stop fail.

    If fact, if you'll see Andrew's post on "what spare parts should I keep on hand for my 1911?", I list a whole bunch of spares to keep, and never even thought of a spare slide stop.

    You say it "cleaves in the barrel link area"......do you mean the pin that goes thru the frame just breaks off?

    Can you give us more of a description?

    *TFF Senior Staff*
    Posts: 3969
    (2/28/02 6:44:20 pm)
    Reply Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    ****SEND IT BACK****
    This is not the slide stop`s problem, I agree with Doc....the lugs could be off too. That pin is designed to take some stress, it`s over the limit big time. LTS

    Posts: 2
    (2/28/02 8:43:12 pm)
    Reply Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    The pin breaks; like a peppermint stick. Right at the barrel link. I'm waffling only because I have limited experience with 1911's (this is my second). I've never had a single problem with my Les Baer in about 5000 rounds & the Springfield is my first new one.

    Rather than wasting ammo field testing for Springfield, I think I'll take the advice & send it back. :-(


    Springfield's reply:

    Date: Thu, 28 Feb 2002 12:21:21 -0600
    From: Springfield e-mail <deb@springfield-armory.com>
    To: rgreene@tclme.org
    Subject: RE: Defective slide stops?

    McBrides was shipped 2 replacement slide stops by our Production Supervisor. He had not had any previous problems with slide stops on any of our 1911-A1 models and is anxious to see the broken stops from these pistols. He does not feel you will continue to have problems with the new slide stops shipped to McBrides.

    Deb, Custom Shop Coordinator
    Springfield Inc.
    420 West Main St.
    Geneseo, IL 61254

    *TFF Senior Staff*
    Posts: 3978
    (2/28/02 9:37:51 pm)
    Reply Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    Live in Austin Texas ,Huh? McBrides , yep! Lived in Austin, 30 years, Westlake to be exact. The liberal eye of Texas. I have had Springfield pistols for years and years, placed thousands of rounds in each......never a problem....except routine maintinence and wear parts. Springfield will take care of the mater, they always did for our customers, even custom work from their factory custom shop. LTS

    V.I.P. Member
    Posts: 250
    (3/1/02 2:31:19 am)
    Reply Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    that's freaky-weird.
    17yrs with my Colt series 80, ballpark guess of 90-100,000 rds through it, never a problem with a slide stop.
    How very strange.

    Want to say it has to be a bad metal batch, but it would be happening to many other people.

    2 in the same gun makes it something in THAT gun.
    Too long of a barrel link?
    Wrong hole placement on the pin holes in the barrel lugs?
    Something is exerting a massive strain on those slide stops.
    Which direction is the fracture? top->bottom, or front->back?
    Something there has to really be out of whack.

    Spring guide, bottom front of slide, slide rail grooves, etc. - just don't see how anything could come off gun and hurt you (though). Short of a slide failure at the ejection port, a la the early Beretta 92's.

    shooter45 us
    *TFF Chief Of Staff*
    Posts: 1303
    (3/1/02 8:18:14 am)
    Reply Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    That is certainly strange. I'd send the pistol back to Springfield to have the problem corrected. Good luck.

    *TFF Senior Staff*
    Posts: 1773
    (3/1/02 9:01:41 am)
    Reply Re: Broken slide stop in a Springfield 1911
    I agree with rayra. Sounds like some sort of misalignment specific to this gun, and I don't think another slide stop will solve the problem.

    I'd take the gun back.

    Posts: 1
    (3/4/02 11:13:39 pm)
    Reply It's the gun.
    Fraid I just can't buy that you got two bad parts. You have a fit problem caused by the frame or barrel. I would not trust it. I have had 5 1911s and never a failure like that.

    Posts: 3729
    (3/4/02 11:31:12 pm)
    Re: It's the gun.
    Just send it back and get a new one!

    Welcome To TFF CaptainCrater & rgreene!
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